Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Movie Review

OMG! I had left my blog for quite some time now. My last update was in February (I guess, according to my blog advisor.. =P~). Sorry yep peeps! I had so much to share, yet I’ll just skip the sequence and blog on things I had in mind first. Hihi..

Ok, start with the brief movie review. Watched Eclipse with my high school friends and for me, it was awesome. Jacob was damn hot! But I still fancy Edward tho. LOL~ The movie starts with Victoria, Bella’s and Edward’s enemy trying to create an army of vampires for her revenge as Edward killed her soul mate. Edward tried to hide this information from Bella, yet Bella knows it from Jacob. As Alice can see the future through her vision, it helps the Cullens and werewolves to strategize their attack. I still think Bella was quite selfish in this movie due to a few reasons. Bella is ready to become one of the Cullens, a vampire and this made Jacob really angry. Jacob tried to win over Bella but it didn’t work out as Bella loved Edward more. Victoria came for her revenge and lost at Edward’s hand. Luckily, the Volturi does not get the chance to interfere in the battle. In the end, after the battle was over, Bella agreed to married Edward.

For those who haven’t watched it, please do so. A few of my fav scene would be Jacob’s and Edward’s little fight, and when the Cullens trained the werewolves on how to fight the newborn vampires. :P Tho, they would be a few people dislike this movie, I still like it.

P/s: toy story 3 was nice too. Watched it with Nina... hee~



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