Thursday, July 23, 2009

Caught in the act!

Read this star news. Ok! It might be outdated but it’s a good thing to implement. It can start in states with the higher numbers of accident. In Penang also, there's many reckless drivers around here be it a motorists, and other vehicle’s drivers, busses, cars, etc. I have seen motorists just dash out from the red traffic light sign out of nowhere, and other dangerous random acts, etc2.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tuesday July 21, 2009
Click! You have just been caught in the act

IPOH: The Cabinet has given the green light to implement the Automated Enforcement System to track traffic offenders and bad drivers, said Deputy Transport Minister Datuk Abdul Rahim Bakri.

He said the system, to be introduced in September, would cover all states in stages.

He said a private company would install and operate the system and it would be electronically linked to the Road Transport Department (JPJ).

Abdul Rahim said digital cameras would be set up along accident-prone areas, expressways and state roads round-the-clock to capture offences committed by motorists.

“The captured images would then be registered in the JPJ system and summonses will be issued to the offender,” Abdul Rahim told reporters after a briefing with JPJ personnel here yesterday.

He said the Automated Enforce- ment System used a blacklist mechanism that would automatically bar offenders who fail to settle traffic summonses issued by the system.

“The cameras will be in plain sight. When motorists are being observed, they will be more careful on the road,” Abdul Rahim said.

The implementation of the Automated Enforcement System was announced early this year by Transport Minister Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat as a way to minimise accidents.


Caught in the act? Motorists waiting for the traffic light to go green in the middle of the road

Additional pictures. Bayan Lepas night view~

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Twilight Book Review

Aside from Harry Potter (I’ve read all 7 books and the books was fun to read! and the new movie wasn’t that nice for me... sleepyhead, I’ve read the books so what da heck aite??... huhuH~), I’ve started to read Stephenie Meyer’s books starting from twilight. I just finished reading the 1st book actually. Sgt slow... T_T... haiH~ It took me 6 weeks to finish reading 1 book. Can I use the excuse of currently working?? Ehee~

The 1st book ‘twilight’ was OK to read for me (maybe becos I’ve seen the movie first then only read the book). Although the story line is a bit slow, I just took my own pace and own sweet time to read lorrr. I like the phrase “When the lion falls in love with the lamb~”. Ok, reality check! Edward isn’t real, vampires aren’t too, but still being engulfed while reading the book was definitely worth my time. XD~ The author made Edward the perfect hottie for an ordinary girl, Bella Swan (This girl wanted to be a vampire too, though). It’s a story when a normal human being who falls in love with a vampire and is willing to risk her own life being with the vampire who might also thirst for her blood. I guess many webs provide review on Stephenie’s books. Plus, I still have 3 more books to go. Currently, recommending girls to read it because I’m not sure whether guys would read this type of books. Still, I know a few guys did. =P~ Aiyaa~~ (+_+)~ Wondering when am I’m able to finish all. Hopefully the next book is more enjoyable reading. Oh well, below are the characters and books according to numbers.

Twilight . New Moon . Eclipse . Breaking Dawn

The cute characters. XD~

For more information, visit:-

The day my sis visited Penang and some food I’ve tasted!

Ok. Cekodok durian is a weird name for me. Plus, I did try out dodol from Terengganu yang dibungkus dgn daun pandan k0t. Huhuh~ The taste wasn’t so bad. It was nice actually. First time merase... tQ housemate. hehe... Sukeww jln2 cari makan but when I weighted my weight then baru start nak cuak. XD~

The cekodok durian and dodol~

My second sis visited Penang on my short work week weekends. Goshh, I L.O.V.E short work week. Hahah~ We went here and there and to my grandma house. My grandma (Plus, grandma give us a lot of fruits! Hehe, oke, its fruit season here, that’s why laa... huhuH~) was very happy to see her as it’s has been two years that she has not came back to Malaysia. My mom bule suhh dier stay saner lagikk and ask her to go jalan2. Haih2. I had planned to go to her graduation day in 2011. Lama lagikk so will saving2 money to pay for flight tickets. Hik hik~ Studying in US is nice, I guess. You get to visit local attractions which comprises of many big states to explore as well as end up in Canada holidaying. Ohoh~ But it’s very far. T_T~ Coming back to my sis, below are her conversation with the ikan bakar man that my bro and I find very amusing (I can’t really remember the exact words but it sounded like below.. coversation yg mcm sedikit cacat.. =P~):-

Location: Hammer Bay Ikan Bakar~

Ikan bakar man: Air?

My sis: Teh ais tambah susu.

Ikan bakar man: *silent*. Huh??

Me and my bro: *sengaje diam*...

My sis: *OK. She taught that she needs to explain further while ordering*. Saye nak teh dengan ais and yang ade susu tuhh.
Ikan bakar man: Oh, teh ais laa.

My sis: If yang ade gula tuhh ape?
Ikan bakar man: Itu teh ‘o’ ais.Kalau susu, teh ais. *tabahnye abg nehh melyn customer.clap2* =P~
My sis: Nak tambah air ais kosong jugakk~. Nak yang dua2. Ais dengan air.
Ikan bakar man: *blur2*. Ais kosong?
Me: Haah, ais kosong. TQ~ *My bro and I have our cheeky smile put on. Pasnehh confirm my sis kene. LOL* Then we ordered a few things and abg amek order pown chow pulakk~ (mls maw cite pjg2... ehee).

I guess I need to teach her to order the correct drink with proper term used here in Malaysia. Ader jugakk org mcm nehh! Hahah~ In the US ais kosong is ‘water with ais’ and air suam is just ‘water’. There’s no ‘the ais’ while they have jasmine tea, all those herbal teas, etc. Yayy, luckily I get to catch up and exchange stories with my bro n sis (mcm byk sgt jerk... hohoh~). I get to know that my bro has a new gf from Bukit Mertajam. My mom hanye mampu gelak2 je. Goshh, I wanna see who she is tapi x sempat (maw sebok2 juger.. ;P). Iskk lagikk~. On Monday night, me, my housemate and her siblings went again to eat ikan bakar and send Diana to the bus station. Huu, Diana went back to Terengganu already as she had to finish her study for one more year there. Aiyaa, kurang seorang to hangout2... wuwuwu... I’ve also planned to visit my friends who are taking up masters in UTP and also maw pegi pesta penang in December~. Semester baru UTP sudah bermula~ Bule jln2 dgn mereka juge during weekends. Hehe.. can’t wait! XD~

While sending Diana at the bus station plus a pic of a cat yg nakal di tempat ikan bakar.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The public olidae~`

Last monday was Penang’s public holiday. Those working with private sectors mostly gets 3 days holidays inclusive of Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Kasihan government servant tak cuti on Monday. The weekend was fun. A colleague of mine brought me to the skincare and makeup class on Saturday and sadly, I did not take any pictures. Iskk2... It did not cross my mind at all until Izza pointed it out. Hohoh, papparazi yg bagus..

On Sunday, me and diana went out to eat nasi kandar with IT/IS Jan04 batch. They went for their friends wedding and saye menyebokk makan nasi kandar sahaje. Kasihan diyana kene ik0t. XD~ We went to Line Clear Georgetown to eat nasi kandar. It was my first time eating nasi kandar. Sangat byk orang beratur just to eat these nasi kandar. Kagum juge melihat org ramai2. Local n tourist ader jugak. Huhuh~ I guess nasi kandar is very famous in Penang. Not a fan of nasi kandar though. Uhuks~` Then, we went to eat sate ikan and play games in the evening and ate oblong (it’s a big burger but the meat is different from Ramlee burger) during dinner. I guess my housemate nehh sukeww btol maen game. She has a collection of many games. =P~

The queue~

My harta and properties in Saidina. I won and become rich for a short while... hehe


Queensbay Mall

Abang jual sate ikan ituhh…

Kites or layang-layang

Then, lut came to visit me and Nazmi (his friend staying in Penang also) on Monday. Sukeww cuti... Hehe. Plus, baru tahu at Bukit Jambul we can get a lot of CDs/DVDs of series and movies. Ohoh, sangat rambang mate melihat. X sbr nk tunggu gossip girl season 3 to come out! We went to Bukit Jambul, Queensbay mall and Bukit Bendera or Penang Hill. Ader Taman Burung at Bukit Bendera bule x?? Oke. Enough being jakun. Some birds are friendly while ader jugakk yang garang. It was fun. XD~

Friendly birdies... =P~

Sudah juge plan to report duty. Hopefully, all Muggles can be there except for Izza. Nak jumpe mereka juger.. uhuh~ Ngaa, I had to think on what to wear during graduation day also. Ramai sudah membeli baju juger~ Sgt psycho… (+_+)~~ X sukeww gmbr lame di prism student portal jugerr... tsst2...

P/s: Had a laugh watching Kong’s graduation prank. Sgt tdk sabar menunggu our graduation day... XD~

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Penang and the company`

It has been my one month working with this company I’m currently working for. In my department, there are two sections which are procurement and material planning. I’m tied to the procurement site which makes me a buyer. Memang kenelaa jugak since I’m a shopaholic! Ngaa.. My team mates mostly are a bit older but I would say they are still young at heart. Some even got a master in the supply chain field. I’m wanted to pursue master too, but not now, I guess. Monday or Tuesday will always be the busiest day for them. (+_+)~~

Here at the company, we need to wear shoe cover or the special shoe to walk inside the building. We also need to show our bags or car boot when leaving for inspection purposes. I guess, to prevent stealing of microchips and stuff. Sudah juge curik-curik masuk the lab and it was nice. =P~ The facilities here were also alright. Got gym, badminton court, green space (that’s what I called the “laman’ actually) to sit around, library, etc. Selalu juge menghabiskan air di pantry mereka. Uhuks~ Plus, the café inside provides meals during breakfast, morning break, lunch and tea break with meal subsidy. Makin tembam laa.. Nguu`

The shoe, shoe cover and my original shoe~

Ain playing at what I called as 'game station'. Tempat pali n kong slalu maen juger. =P~

In addition, when I went back home in Penang, there’s always kids staying at the same place as me waving me “bye2” in the lift. It was nice seeing them as cute as they are. Ke because I look young? Sebab tuhh diorg babai?? Haha. If I were to stand besides most of my younger sis n bros, people would assume that I’m their younger sister. Whut da heckk? I would say it’s not because I am short nor small. It’s the looks. Urghh.. hehe… Nevertheless, those kids usually make my day happier. LOL~`

There was also this one incident happen during the first few weeks when I moved in into the condominium. I could not open the main door, so I was stuck outside the house for awhile. In my mind, I was cursing myself for not being able to open the ^&^&%* door. Why does it have to be Italian door? Usually my housemate would be back earlier before me so she would open it for me. Truthfully, I turn the key out wrongly and make it very tight to open the door. On the phone, my housemate dah gelak-gelak and ask me to wait as she’s coming back to save me. Hadoilaa, cian pulak at her, huhuh... Sgt sudah terduduk macam kerang busuk di luar pintu. Luckily, my neighbour was back and asks me what’s wrong. I told her I did not manage to open the door. She tried it a few times then it opened and I was saved! Hehe... that was very kind of her. Her kids were also very cute. Kawaii~` Her husband is an expat staying here in Malaysia. She’s from one of the Arab countries but I’m not sure exactly from which specific country. Nevertheless, I was very thankful to her that day.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Weekends and picking up my sis!

It has been a nice weekend. I did went out with my Mila and the rest on last Saturday then goes back to my grandma house and to KL and back in Penang. We went out, played badminton, then abes sengal-sengal badan because of rare exercise activity. Haih2. Plus, my grandma asked me to pick up fruits from her. Yayy, love my grandma. My parents were also there. After spending some time with my grandparents, we went back to KL. The next day we pick my second sis from the KLIA airport. She’s going to spend her holiday here for one month. Yayy, again! XD~

My sis brought back souvenirs but the most important thing is we get to see each other after two years! Woahhh, that is really long. She's been spending her previous summer holidays jalan2 di sane. We are definitely going for her convocation day in May 2011. I guess when she came back she’s a bit “jakun”. Haha. She commented on many things here. I get to play around with hers’ and my dad’s new iPhone 3G. I’m not that tech-savvy or anything but I do love iPhone features. My dad is pretty much interested in all these gadgets. I had played Charlz’s iPhone before, so it’s alright. Hehe

My grandparents house in Penang. Classic, unique and spacious. =P~

My sister and I @KLIA~

The iPhones. Pink for the ladies. Black and silver for the guys. XD~

Thursday, July 2, 2009

KM Sharing Session

I went to the Knowledge Management (KM) read and share session at the company that I’m currently working for. I’ve learned that based on the 80/20 rules, 20% of efforts or work can lead to 80% of production or desired result. But, it comes with good time management, etc.

According to the 80/20 rules book author, we should
work less, worry less, succeed more and enjoy more.

They also share others that they have read like Sun Tzu Art of War, etc so far but the story of this miracle man was really touching. There was this particular man who was really successful but his life turns up side down after his plane crashed into an accident. His body was badly damaged and he needs machines to support his life. He can’t move, talk nor do his normal daily stuff. However, he wants to be normal again. He thinks that if he can take 1 step, then he can take 1000 steps. He also started to learn using cards with a blink of an eye as his instructions on which subject he wants to learn. Besides that, he ensures that he breath as much as he could every minute so that his diaphragm works well so that he will be healthy again. He also wanted to talk so badly but he came to realize that he doesn’t just talk. He needs to move his lips, teeth, tongue, etc. At last, he managed to practice and say the entire words and the first thing that he does was to call his wife and say “I LOVE U, honey”. His wife was shocked but then delivers the good news to everyone. When he was fully recovered, he stated that many people fail because they don’t try. So, don’t be afraid of trying. XD~`

Nasi Ayam Budu~

Ok! As the name goes, it’s nasi ayam budu. It is served with white rice, chicken, plain soup, budu or sambal belacan. It’s my first time tasting this particular food. It’s nice. Mila, my housemate did say, “Hang nehh bawak makan mane2 pown sedap”. Haha. I can only smile. I guess now I can live in Kelantan or Terengganu. I was also wondering whether my best friend, Syaima eats budu or not. Hurmm... her parents are Kelantanese. On top of that, Mila bought me the ‘Sate Ikan’ I’ve always wanted to try. Dengan sedihnye, I’ve never eaten ‘Sate Ikan’ before. Dier beli depan Queensbay Mall. Sedap. Selalu I pegi mesti sate ikan tuhh x jual or simply because Majlis Perbandaran is there, so that sate ikan guy could not bakar the sate. Iskk2, usually when I tade, dier ader pulak, huhuh... I guess mostly I write about foods nowadays. Mila said that there’s plenty more of places that she wanted to bring me. That’s very nice of her. I’m just grateful as to stay with her. *Wink*.

The Nasi Ayam Budu~

In addition, Matta Fair Penang 2009 is just around the corner. Here are the details:-

MATTA Fair Penang 2009
3 July 2009 until 5 July 2009
Organizer: MATTA Penang Chapter
Venue: Penang International Sports Arena (PISA), Relau

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pasar Petang~

My housemate likes to cook. A lot! She brings me to this ‘Pasar’ or market in the evening. That’s why I called it Pasar Petang not Pasar Pagi, Pasar Tani or Pasar Malam. Ok, enough with the crapping. I guess I need to frequently use Malay language in writing as well to increase my usage of the language thus sharpening it up. Advance apology for the combination of both languages. Practice made perfect! XD~

During our walk through the Pasar Petang, I saw fresh seafood’s and even cow head! (Attached below are the pictures I’ve taken). I guess being an outsider makes me very ‘Jakun’ liked. Haha! No wonder Penang’ites LOVE eating. They can get all sorts of food here and their Pasar Malam is everyday although not in the same exact location. “Tidak... Ngaa... I have to control my eating habits.” Even they are very creative in inventing different types of ‘Tau Foo Fah’. It’s a desert made of soy beans. They sold it with variations and combination of colours like dark purple + light purple + white, white + yellow + orange, etc. I’m curious on how they make it look kind of strappy and nice but I just kept it in mind. We just bought fruits and foods then head back to the house.

Back at the house, she cooked ‘tumpat sotong’ for us. (Honestly, if I’m not mistaken it is spell like that, or is it ‘tupat sotong’ or ‘ketupat sotong’?? (+_+)~`). This ‘sotong’ has pulut inside and is eaten with pink coloured gravy. It’s my first time trying and why does I have to be so ‘Jakun’ liked. Haih2. She just laugh watching me and said that she must bring me back to her hometown at Terengganu then we can go watch ‘Penyu’. Yeayy~` Thanks! Na mesti suka sebab saya boleh makan budu, nasi kerabu dan juga tempoyak. o/ ~

The 'sotong'. Hik hik~`

P/s: The first Hard Rock Hotel in Malaysia is currently opened in Batu Ferringhi, Penang. =P~


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