Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bangkok Tomyam and Mama Mia~

Restaurant review time! Had went to eat at both these restaurant and the food was not bad. Especially when many shops were closed during raya season. I would say that there are many nice restaurant here operated by the Thai’s. At Bangkok Tomyam, there are many choices of cuisines to choose from but mostly its rice and it’s famous for its ‘Ayam Goreng Gajus’. Western, Malay food and Chinese food you can get it at Mama Mia restaurant (Their Char Hor Fan was delicious for me). Many people have their meals here as well. Overall, for me, I don’t mind eating there again. Picture below shows Mama Mia and Bangkok Tomyam restaurant, ikan tiga rase yg beshh (the taste suits me.. LOL) and ohh, kuceng yang menunggu makanan with patience~

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Ugly Truth Movie Review

Finally, watched the ugly truth! Scrap my too watch movie this month (meaning tade dah muvi untuk ditonton pade bulan inihh~). Its 18PL oke, under 18 years old are not recommended to watch as there are not so appropriate words and scenes involved. But, the movie was nice. Agreed! The truth was ugly. Pretty ugly, I must say, but the ending was nice. =) The movie starts with Abby (Katherine Heigl) who has a checklist on what she wanted in a guy. I would say she’s a control freak as she even has a list of conversation topic to talk during dates. Imagine that! She wanted more in a man. Then, she meets Mike (Gerald Butler), who airs the show called ‘The Ugly Truth”. Mike believes that most men is simple and only want one thing which is to fulfill their lust. So, these two with very different opinion always fought during working hours until Abby met this hot doctor, Colin which happens to be her neighbour. Mike helped Abby to get Colin to like her, and eventually Colin was head over heels towards Abby (I called transformational Abby)! Wished that Mike was clean cut, he would look much younger. XD~ Sudden realization struck Mike when he realized that he had fallen for the control freak Abby (the real Abby). Only then Abby realizes that the hot doctor, Colin likes the “Abby” that Mike had created. And, the stories ended up in a nice way. Dun want to be spoiler that much. Check out the trailer below. I guess in a relationship we need to be accepting as it is and if you can’t then move on as it won’t last long (as awful as it may sound, most people would want to be happy, live life to the fullest probably rather than being with someone who took you for granted aite? =P~).

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya~`

It’s only a few days before Raya time. Fasting month is almost over. It feels strangely fast. Time flies so fast. In Malaysia, we will celebrate Hari Raya on 20th of September, Sunday. Thus, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all Muslims “Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri”. May we are blessed and have a wonderful Raya time while not forgetting the unfortunate ones yea.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

UTP Trip~`

Last weekend, I went to UTP. Stayed there until Monday. Loving the plant shutdown. Ahaha~` Ayu treat us buka puase on Saturday for helping her to secure her current job now. We went to Syuen Hotel buffet. Thanks, mekaceh, toche, arigato, gracias Ayu~` Unfortunately, my best friend’s car was banged by motorcyclist when she wanted to avoid a car in front that suddenly goes on emergency brake. The motorcyclist was badly injured. Kasihan. Uhuh~` Her car was brand new oke. Haih~` Luckily it was now settled. Police report was made but I can sense her frustration. Nak makan pown tade mood. But, it was nice makan2 with Shera, Syai, Azam, Anep, Ain, Diy, Ayu, Eni, Ridhu, Nana (osmet Syai n Izza), Sya (osmet Syai n Izza) and Adan. Ituhh je sempat jumpe arituh. Huwaa... Nevertheless, I enjoyed the berbuka puasa time, mapley session. Hehe. Thanks for the invite. Terharu juge dapat kad raye. Love u guys!

Kasihan WSV.. huhuH~`

Before going back to Penang, I received a “love letter”. Wahh, windu surat saman UTP. Shera parked my car in front of Kopetro. Haha. Teringat pakcik guard yg peramah tahan my car mase nak msk UTP asking me to change my car sticker and whether I had apply for a new car sticker or not. He said that the due date to change car sticker already passed and he’s afraid that I’m going to be fined. Baeknye, uhuh~` Got back on Monday, went to secret recipe to break fast with Mila and Tengku. The Ramadan menu was quite nice. Liked the sirap (Dlm byk2 mende sirap jugakk paling disukai, haha). Nyesal beli air laen. Tataw it comes with free syrup and kurma, uhuh~` Still, their classic cheese cake was superb. Had gone to Majlis Berbuka Puasa too. XD~` Charlz did tell me that the place he is currently working is quite different from our intern company. Yep, can sense that. Chaiyokk2. It’s uncomfortable if older people call us with prefixes (it’s a title in front of our name) like Tuan, Datuk and stuff. Cheers~`

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Final Destination Movie Review

The Final Destination movie was out in Malaysia in August. I managed to watch it just recently in September. It was called the Final Destination “rest in pieces” or the Final Destination 4. Had always liked all 3 Final Destination movies before this. When I watch the trailer, it was not that scary. Confidently laa go and watch. Suddenly, it struck me. Gross on the way they died but the story was nice (Again, rest in pieces. Thus, mostly the people inside the movie died with their flesh coming out all over the place. Yuckk, huu~`). None survive although they thought that they had broken the chain. Honestly, I did close my eyes on certain scene laa. The story begins when a boy can watch how people are doing die and his death as well while watching a race. He saved a few people and he ended up getting visions on how the survivors died before his time will come. He tried to stop the dying sequence but in the he didn’t manage to do so. All of them died and the way they died was just plain horrifying! Yep2, watch this movie although I watched it quite late. =P~`

I guess, the moral of the story is that you can’t escape death after all. Just I didn’t expect the last 3 person who survive the crash at the racing site in the first place died being hit in a restaurant called ‘Death by Caffeine’. *Oops, spoiler. Sorry. XD``* Watched “Momok the movie” punye trailer in the cinema. Scary. Dun wanna watch that movie. Haih. Barely had time to blog but will find time. Hehe. Blog kawan-kawanku aktif. Nice2, can read di masa lapang.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Mamu called and said that he was accepted as permanent employee in the company opposite the company I’m currently working with and currently looking for a place to rent as he start next Monday. It’s good news. Haha, the pay was good. Yep, engineer’s slalunye get extra pay. Good laa, Penang standard of living is quite high. T_T~` I’m currently waiting for my placement. Thus, praying that I got the place closest to home. Hope that John, Shera, Syai also will get nearby places at least. Senang nak hangout. LOL~` I like my current job now, so for me, it’s not really a big deal when I start. Just that my workload increases but I have a good mentor. Sangat rajen mengajar, still there’s many more to learn. Hoho~` Chaiyokk2 charles, izza and linney yang sudah bekerja.

This week has been hectic. Suppliers came in, requestors and not to mention, meetings. There are urgent things to be process and I grew accustomed and liked SAP system. Just that I regret I got B+ for ABAP I and II @UTP. (+_+)~` Luckily I had short work week and Raya holiday is coming. The best part, my pay wasn’t cut. Ahaha~` Just that I still have to take 1 hour break and go back at 5.15pm. Unlike the company Charles, Linney and Izza are currently working. Muslims can ‘chow’ by 4pm because they did not take any break. Usually before going back, will go with my colleagues yang mostly tidak puase ke café to buy kuih, foods and stuff. XD~`

Lagu raya pon mula berkumandang. Syahdu. My youngest sis is sitting for UPSR and PSRA exam. So, from my family side, Raya celebration will just be a simple one. For those who celebrate Raya abroad, don’t be sad too much yep. Obviously, there will be people who kept you guys in mind. Cheers.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Yesterday, Friday, I was surprised by Mamu when I was on my way back from work! Ok! Mamu was my colleague during my internship in Cyberjaya and we work together as interns from UTP. *Ehem2, I always kaco him and my mentor mase intern... hehe* Tengok2 dier pegi interview somewhere near my workplace. I was driving back when this one car keeps honking at me and then stops very near at one traffic light. Dah cuak, ingatkan I did something wrong. When I look aside, tengok2 Mamu! Ahah, terus terjerit “Mamu~!!!” kat dalam kereta. I didn’t expect to see him. He asks me to pull over at Sunshine Square. Then we had a little chat. He’s been attending interview in Penang and KL. He said he would prefer working in Penang. It’s good to catch up with friends at times. XD~`

The Cyberjaya ex-intern~`

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Malaysia’ Independence Day Olidae~`

I went back to Subang during Merdeka holiday. It was fun. Get to see my new house and my parent’s new house. I liked the kitchen and my wardrobe. Thanks. XD~` Ask my family out to break fast. It was nice as I get to sahur and berbuka puasa with them. Aiyaa, for my second sis in Nashville, bersabar k. “When you are here to do your internship in Malaysia (if you’re coming back), will make it up to you”. Did message Charlz and Izza and wish them luck on their first day although it’s a bit late. Sorry. Fighting!! Huk huk~`

The Food~`

Then during Malaysia’s Independence Day (yayy, Malaysia is now 52 years old. Happy Independence Day Malaysia~ We love you), I went out with my Subang high school + primary school friends. Maya, Nat, Sharifah, Nadia, Ct, Ijaa thanks. I had fun. There were series of catching up! Listen, listen, talk, talk, talk, joking around. Maya is as lively as usual. Nat still the same. Still sweet sharifah, nadia, ct and ija. *wink*. Hehe. *Ehem jugak!* Sharifah is getting married on December, 19, 2009. Wahh, can’t wait to go to her wedding. Sudah plan untuk berconvoy. OMG, kene pk nak beli ape jugak. Ngaa, I’m very bad at this unless they told me what they one, then it’ll be easier (Tanya jelaa nnt bakal pengantin maw ape... ahah~). Just that I’m not sure where I’ll be at that time. Haih~` nevertheless, akan try untuk pegi jugak since I went to Farah’s wedding last year. XD~`

Friends forever yea.. ~` XD~`

Back from holiday, I was really busy and officially broke at the same time (Tuhhlaa... jalan2 and makan2 lagikk. T_T) ~. Hands tied up. Rajen btol derang nehh panggil meeting, tetibe byk bende urgent and ohh soo many slides and reporting updates. Haih~` Kurang masa melayan facebook nor bace blog my friends. T_T~`


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