Wednesday, September 16, 2009

UTP Trip~`

Last weekend, I went to UTP. Stayed there until Monday. Loving the plant shutdown. Ahaha~` Ayu treat us buka puase on Saturday for helping her to secure her current job now. We went to Syuen Hotel buffet. Thanks, mekaceh, toche, arigato, gracias Ayu~` Unfortunately, my best friend’s car was banged by motorcyclist when she wanted to avoid a car in front that suddenly goes on emergency brake. The motorcyclist was badly injured. Kasihan. Uhuh~` Her car was brand new oke. Haih~` Luckily it was now settled. Police report was made but I can sense her frustration. Nak makan pown tade mood. But, it was nice makan2 with Shera, Syai, Azam, Anep, Ain, Diy, Ayu, Eni, Ridhu, Nana (osmet Syai n Izza), Sya (osmet Syai n Izza) and Adan. Ituhh je sempat jumpe arituh. Huwaa... Nevertheless, I enjoyed the berbuka puasa time, mapley session. Hehe. Thanks for the invite. Terharu juge dapat kad raye. Love u guys!

Kasihan WSV.. huhuH~`

Before going back to Penang, I received a “love letter”. Wahh, windu surat saman UTP. Shera parked my car in front of Kopetro. Haha. Teringat pakcik guard yg peramah tahan my car mase nak msk UTP asking me to change my car sticker and whether I had apply for a new car sticker or not. He said that the due date to change car sticker already passed and he’s afraid that I’m going to be fined. Baeknye, uhuh~` Got back on Monday, went to secret recipe to break fast with Mila and Tengku. The Ramadan menu was quite nice. Liked the sirap (Dlm byk2 mende sirap jugakk paling disukai, haha). Nyesal beli air laen. Tataw it comes with free syrup and kurma, uhuh~` Still, their classic cheese cake was superb. Had gone to Majlis Berbuka Puasa too. XD~` Charlz did tell me that the place he is currently working is quite different from our intern company. Yep, can sense that. Chaiyokk2. It’s uncomfortable if older people call us with prefixes (it’s a title in front of our name) like Tuan, Datuk and stuff. Cheers~`



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