Thursday, September 3, 2009

Malaysia’ Independence Day Olidae~`

I went back to Subang during Merdeka holiday. It was fun. Get to see my new house and my parent’s new house. I liked the kitchen and my wardrobe. Thanks. XD~` Ask my family out to break fast. It was nice as I get to sahur and berbuka puasa with them. Aiyaa, for my second sis in Nashville, bersabar k. “When you are here to do your internship in Malaysia (if you’re coming back), will make it up to you”. Did message Charlz and Izza and wish them luck on their first day although it’s a bit late. Sorry. Fighting!! Huk huk~`

The Food~`

Then during Malaysia’s Independence Day (yayy, Malaysia is now 52 years old. Happy Independence Day Malaysia~ We love you), I went out with my Subang high school + primary school friends. Maya, Nat, Sharifah, Nadia, Ct, Ijaa thanks. I had fun. There were series of catching up! Listen, listen, talk, talk, talk, joking around. Maya is as lively as usual. Nat still the same. Still sweet sharifah, nadia, ct and ija. *wink*. Hehe. *Ehem jugak!* Sharifah is getting married on December, 19, 2009. Wahh, can’t wait to go to her wedding. Sudah plan untuk berconvoy. OMG, kene pk nak beli ape jugak. Ngaa, I’m very bad at this unless they told me what they one, then it’ll be easier (Tanya jelaa nnt bakal pengantin maw ape... ahah~). Just that I’m not sure where I’ll be at that time. Haih~` nevertheless, akan try untuk pegi jugak since I went to Farah’s wedding last year. XD~`

Friends forever yea.. ~` XD~`

Back from holiday, I was really busy and officially broke at the same time (Tuhhlaa... jalan2 and makan2 lagikk. T_T) ~. Hands tied up. Rajen btol derang nehh panggil meeting, tetibe byk bende urgent and ohh soo many slides and reporting updates. Haih~` Kurang masa melayan facebook nor bace blog my friends. T_T~`


John Emmanuel Edmund said...

you moved to a new house??

Hannah said...

not yet laa but my parents going too in 2 years time k0t.. for me, i dunno yet laa when.. huhuH~`


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