Saturday, September 5, 2009


Yesterday, Friday, I was surprised by Mamu when I was on my way back from work! Ok! Mamu was my colleague during my internship in Cyberjaya and we work together as interns from UTP. *Ehem2, I always kaco him and my mentor mase intern... hehe* Tengok2 dier pegi interview somewhere near my workplace. I was driving back when this one car keeps honking at me and then stops very near at one traffic light. Dah cuak, ingatkan I did something wrong. When I look aside, tengok2 Mamu! Ahah, terus terjerit “Mamu~!!!” kat dalam kereta. I didn’t expect to see him. He asks me to pull over at Sunshine Square. Then we had a little chat. He’s been attending interview in Penang and KL. He said he would prefer working in Penang. It’s good to catch up with friends at times. XD~`

The Cyberjaya ex-intern~`


Charlz said...

hhahahha!! that's so mamu.. honking n all :P

Hannah said...

haha.. yep.. =P~


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