Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Movie Review

OMG! I had left my blog for quite some time now. My last update was in February (I guess, according to my blog advisor.. =P~). Sorry yep peeps! I had so much to share, yet I’ll just skip the sequence and blog on things I had in mind first. Hihi..

Ok, start with the brief movie review. Watched Eclipse with my high school friends and for me, it was awesome. Jacob was damn hot! But I still fancy Edward tho. LOL~ The movie starts with Victoria, Bella’s and Edward’s enemy trying to create an army of vampires for her revenge as Edward killed her soul mate. Edward tried to hide this information from Bella, yet Bella knows it from Jacob. As Alice can see the future through her vision, it helps the Cullens and werewolves to strategize their attack. I still think Bella was quite selfish in this movie due to a few reasons. Bella is ready to become one of the Cullens, a vampire and this made Jacob really angry. Jacob tried to win over Bella but it didn’t work out as Bella loved Edward more. Victoria came for her revenge and lost at Edward’s hand. Luckily, the Volturi does not get the chance to interfere in the battle. In the end, after the battle was over, Bella agreed to married Edward.

For those who haven’t watched it, please do so. A few of my fav scene would be Jacob’s and Edward’s little fight, and when the Cullens trained the werewolves on how to fight the newborn vampires. :P Tho, they would be a few people dislike this movie, I still like it.

P/s: toy story 3 was nice too. Watched it with Nina... hee~


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Work ~`

Right now, it has been 2 and a half months now working in Johor. It was great. Super hectic I would say. I had experienced many series of outstations (It’s every week now... haih~). I had been to here and there a lot, Kertih, KLCC, Shah Alam, Kuantan, etc. Going for outstation always is quite tiring. It’s because I had my daily work to do, many initiatives, and on top of that, meetings are usually outside of Johor (with suppliers, bosses, etc). Shh, I like to just stay put actually (Haha!).Nevertheless, it was a great experience as I met new faces (people), learn new things, etc. And I like doing CSR; it’s my third time already. Hee~` Tho my colleagues now are very2 nice, to be honest, I do miss my old job, colleagues, friends and housemates in Penang too. My ex-boss and colleagues still keep in touch with me. I’m touched. T_T

I love holidays. Get to meet a few friends during CNY. Hehe, did watched Valentine’s Day and Wolfman movie. The movie was not bad. (But, people who easily get heart attack are not recommended to watch Wolfman. It’s scary and 18PL. Just watch the trailer. =P~) Ngaa, I wanna watch Percy sumthing movie, my name is khan, alice in wonderland 3D, iron man II, clash of the titans and prince of Persia. =)

1) My workstation.. yeahh, it's a bit messy.. *sigh*.. :)
2) Pantai Kemasik (kertih)
3) Nasi Ambeng or Ambang in Kertih.. *yummy~*

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Breaking Dawn Book Review

Phew~ Finally, I had finish reading Twilight Saga fourth/last book entitled Breaking Dawn. It was superb and the best one among those other 3 books for me. Erm... ok, i had finished it more or less about a month ago but anyhow, I’ll just share what I had read in summary thus far (sgt lmbt update ok!). Can’t wait to watch the movie. =)

Bella and Edward was rewarded by having the most beautiful daughter, half immortal and half human named Renesmee. Bella had to suffer while conceiving Renesmee and Edward turned Bella into a vampire in order to save her life while giving birth to her child. After Renesmee was born, Jacob imprinted on Renesmee. The Volturi, knowing Renesmee exist, decided to go to the Cullens in order to kill Renesmee and plan acquired Alice and other powerful vampires into their group. Carlisle and the other Cullens team up with other powerful vampires and the werewolves who are certain of Renesmee power and sure that Renesmee does not cause any harm. In the end, due to Bella’s power as a shield (other cannot attack her and others who are under her shield) and thanks to Alice who manage to find a vampire who are half immortal and half human like Renesmee to back them up, the Volturi finally gave in and accepted that Renesmee can co-exist with them. Bella, Edward and Renesmee live together in peace. *Cheers*

–The End-

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Last Week of December 2009~

My December 1 week hols was fun! Hehe, luckily my in-lieu leave was approved. Oke, again.. This is definitely an outdated post. Now is end of Jan 2010 yet i still wrote about what happen in last week of Dec 2009. *sigh*. Even I did not have time to update on PIPE in Nov! I bet most of my friends have updates so I just read theirs. *smile*. Busy-nye. Need to find time to update on things in Segamat, hotel, restaurant and book reviews, work, my housemates in Segamat, January Singapore trip and other olidae trip. Hiks~

I met Shera, Kema, Ridhu, Nat, Nina, Lut, Hafiz, Aiman, John, Ninie, Yunni, Imam, Jalal, Huda and BIS course mates during my hols. I miss them! So it was nice getting to meet them, movies, makan2, jalan2 and chit chats. LOL~`

At Murni, SS2 ~

Foods at Pepper & Lunch (Sukiyaki and Unagi Rice) `

Foods at The Gardens, the Curve ~

I Love Hols... =P~

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Gunung Ledang Waterfall + Taman Negara Johor!

Went to Gunung Ledang waterfall and Taman Negara Johor second week of December. As you can see, this post is definitely outdated. Ahah~` Just want to share how it is like there for those who might not been here yet. =P~` This trip was quite close to nature I would say. I’ll just start with Gunung Ledang Waterfall. Here, visitors can have picnic, hiking for those people who likes extreme sports like hiking, jungle trekking and mandi-manda at the waterfall. I would say many families came here to spend time together. Mostly kids would love it but definitely not my siblings though because there are more or less grown up already. XD~`

 The picnic area and Gunung Ledang Resort~

Taman Negara Johor

I kinda like this place. Most people came here for hiking, teambuilding, vacation, etc. This place is well-organized but visitors have to go through 15 minutes journey of ermm... plantation area “kelapa sawit and tanah merah + u definitely need to go for a carwash after the trip... :)” before they will reach Taman Negara Johor. People say that Taman Negara Pahang is bigger. Btw, I did saw a few tree names in Malay language which I find it ermm... funny I should say. Examples are “sial menahan”, “keledang tampang bulu”, “geronggang”, “panah arjuna”, “tutup bumi”, “tunjuk langit”, “pecah periuk”, “setawar halia”, etc. In Taman Negara Johor, tourist can visit the ‘Taman Herba’, ‘Taman Periuk Kera’, and they do have a lookout point in which you have to walk for 5 hours to reach there. I find that the chalets are quite nice and many companies did their teambuilding at Taman Negara Johor. =P~`

Taman Negara Johor Signboard~

Visitors will have to go through this plantation area first before arriving at Taman Negara Johor

Taman Negara Johor

Going in~

The registration counter~

Coffee anyone? =P~

The small waterfall


Taman Periuk Kera


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