Saturday, February 6, 2010

Breaking Dawn Book Review

Phew~ Finally, I had finish reading Twilight Saga fourth/last book entitled Breaking Dawn. It was superb and the best one among those other 3 books for me. Erm... ok, i had finished it more or less about a month ago but anyhow, I’ll just share what I had read in summary thus far (sgt lmbt update ok!). Can’t wait to watch the movie. =)

Bella and Edward was rewarded by having the most beautiful daughter, half immortal and half human named Renesmee. Bella had to suffer while conceiving Renesmee and Edward turned Bella into a vampire in order to save her life while giving birth to her child. After Renesmee was born, Jacob imprinted on Renesmee. The Volturi, knowing Renesmee exist, decided to go to the Cullens in order to kill Renesmee and plan acquired Alice and other powerful vampires into their group. Carlisle and the other Cullens team up with other powerful vampires and the werewolves who are certain of Renesmee power and sure that Renesmee does not cause any harm. In the end, due to Bella’s power as a shield (other cannot attack her and others who are under her shield) and thanks to Alice who manage to find a vampire who are half immortal and half human like Renesmee to back them up, the Volturi finally gave in and accepted that Renesmee can co-exist with them. Bella, Edward and Renesmee live together in peace. *Cheers*

–The End-



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