Friday, November 27, 2009

Kejadian di KLCC

Went to KLCC twice to submit the forms required for work purpose. The first time, met up with Izza, Charles, Imam and Nyamouq and we go makan2 di Delifrance. The pasta was not bad. The second time, Charles invited me to go lunch with him and his PIPE mates. So, I tag along. Oke, both times I park my car in the KLCC parking area and I was very careless once. Paid the carpark fee and forgot to take back the ticket. Went I when to my car, I realized that the carpark ticket is not with me and I searched like an idiot but of course it was nowhere to be found. Uhuh~` Someone might have taken it! Urghh, then i go to the KLCC management office and need to pay for a new ticket. Haih2, what a day! I guess I’ll just have to blame myself for being clumsy. Huu~`

The foods~

My old school friends~

Went lunch and hangout with kak pah, maya and her cousin last2 weekend. Oke, skang baru update! Uhuks, i have been pretty busy lately. But, once in a while, it’s good to see my old school friends. Suzi, Muhammad and Ezanee came over after we have finish eating. We kinda have a lot of updates for each other and plan on how to go to Kak Pah’s wedding on 19 Dec 2009. Ehee~` Can’t wait!

My lovely school mates.. LOL~

The Forms

Uhuh~` was very busy attending training that I don’t have time to write about stuff. First, I need to thank Charles and Izza for collecting my offer letter as I was still in Penang at that time. The forms need to be filled in was massive. A lot!! Uhuh~` Spend the whole weekend to complete it all. Of course laa this includes go makan2 with my family and hangout with my Subang friends kan. LOL~`

Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Last Day working in Penang

It’s kinda sudden and in Penang, we worked as a family. I’ll definitely miss my boss, my colleagues/team mates, PCE team, my suppliers and requestors who sometimes give me headache (haha!), the big bosses, and also my friends there in the company. I’m grateful to get to know them. Not to forget, my housemate, her family and her friends too!! There’s just so many jalan2 plans x sempat nak execute. Maybe, in the future, I guess. =P~ I’ll also miss the foods and their hospitality. I’ve been called to serve my education sponsor and will start 16 November 2009. I guess I have to start all over again. =P~`

The car that I've always wanted to test drive.. :)

One of the team makan2 that I'll definitely miss and remember

p/s: Most of the pictures are uploaded in my facebook photos. Ehee~` Kasihan blog ku terbiar. Has very limited time to blog. T_T~

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

MJ’s ‘This Is It’

Watched Michael Jackson Movie ‘This is It’ and it was awesome, nice, etc2. He definitely is one talented, gifted singer, dancer and he’s King of Pop! His movie shows how he performs on stage, how he chooses his dancers and the way he organize his moves, dance steps and song is of perfection. The movie duration is 2 hours and he did sing many songs. Can imagine how’s his concert is going to be like. Huu~ He’s 50 but yet he can really dance well! Seriously, the movie was worth watching for me. Liked the way he talks (very soft, oke, sebab suara dier sangat sedap.. ehee~), the way he thinks (he wanted to spread the LOVE to his fans). XD~ Liked the video clips that he prepared for his fans too. Please watch until the screen goes blank because there’s something to watch. Among the songs were ‘Man in the Mirror’, ‘They don’t care about us’, ‘Smooth Criminal’, ‘thriller’, ‘i just can’t stop loving u’, ‘i’ll be there’, ‘black or white’, ‘billie jean’, ‘beat it’, and many more that I couldn’t recall now. He will always be remembered. :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Movie Review~

Recently, I went out with Jes, Zie, Pali and there’s Mila and Tengku too for movie rally and makan2. We watched Law Abiding Citizen and Jennifer’s Body. Both are 18PL. For my own preferences, I liked Law Abiding Citizen rather than Jennifer’s body movie. Ok, it was my idea to watch Jennifer’s body. Haha. So, here’s the review based on my own interpretation. XD~

Law Abiding Citizen

This movie starts with a family was killed violently by Darby (one of the bad guys name) and only the dad survived. The main actor was Gerald Butler and he acts as Clyde. Clyde wants revenge for her killed wife and daughter and according to the US law system, as Darby testifies against his accomplice, he will only be jailed for 3 – 6 years and his accomplice will end up being sentence to death after 10 years. Clyde unhappy with the punishment by Nick, the district attorney in charge plans to bring about his own justice. After 10 years, he strike back by killing Darby slowly and by using terrifying means. He then kills the person involved in the decision making, the judge, his lawyer, and Nick’s colleagues in order to teach Nick a lesson that he should not make a deal with a murderer.  Nick is a person who follows strictly by the rules of thumb and this create loopholes to the law system as crime convict can be freed easily. Nick consulted many people as Clyde was a genius and found out that Clyde’s bought properties connecting to every cell in the jail. He wants to be prison on purpose and create terror among people in the city and this gives stress to Nick. Once Nick reads Clyde’s move, he bring along the last bomb in Clyde’s prison cell and Clyde died in the explosion when he activate the bomb in which he taught to killed higher authority people in security. Phrase I like in the movie was when Nick told Clyde that “It’s not what you know, it’s what you can proof in court”.

Jennifer’s body

Ok, if people were to ask if Megan Fox was hot in the movie, I would answer “Yep, she is.” But the storyline was ‘so, so’ for me. The story starts by showing Needy in ‘hospital for insane people’ or Hospital Sakit Jiwa. Jen and Needy were BFF until they went to a Low Shoulder band concert in Melody Lane (located at a place named Devil’s Kettle) and something happens. Jen (Megan Fox) was drunk at the time as she follows the Low Shoulder band and she was sacrificed to devils as the band wanted to obtained wealth and popularity using demon’s power. The only thing that the band didn’t know was Jen was no longer a virgin and thus, the demon possesses Jen’s body. In order to survive and stay pretty, Jen needs to feed on humans and she attacks boys. Needy knowing something wrong with Jen made a research and found out that in order to kill the demon; she needs to stab the demon’s heart when she’s hungry. Needy attacked Jen when Jen kills her boyfriend, Chip and manage to kill Jen and the demon. Needy was placed inside the care of other people until she force herself out and kills the members of the Low Shoulder band. The killing was scary and when Megan Fox turns as Hell or the demon, it was a bit scary. =P

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