Friday, November 27, 2009

Kejadian di KLCC

Went to KLCC twice to submit the forms required for work purpose. The first time, met up with Izza, Charles, Imam and Nyamouq and we go makan2 di Delifrance. The pasta was not bad. The second time, Charles invited me to go lunch with him and his PIPE mates. So, I tag along. Oke, both times I park my car in the KLCC parking area and I was very careless once. Paid the carpark fee and forgot to take back the ticket. Went I when to my car, I realized that the carpark ticket is not with me and I searched like an idiot but of course it was nowhere to be found. Uhuh~` Someone might have taken it! Urghh, then i go to the KLCC management office and need to pay for a new ticket. Haih2, what a day! I guess I’ll just have to blame myself for being clumsy. Huu~`

The foods~


Charlz said...

wow, hanachan! this is severely belated :P hehehe.. PIPE da abes?? How how? in Sega-Mud now?? X)

donotclick said...

wOW. Nice post. looks tasty. thanks for sharing. well done.

Hannah said...

totally outdated post. need to find time to blog. hardly had any free time now.. yeaa, the food is really nice.. :)


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