Wednesday, November 4, 2009

MJ’s ‘This Is It’

Watched Michael Jackson Movie ‘This is It’ and it was awesome, nice, etc2. He definitely is one talented, gifted singer, dancer and he’s King of Pop! His movie shows how he performs on stage, how he chooses his dancers and the way he organize his moves, dance steps and song is of perfection. The movie duration is 2 hours and he did sing many songs. Can imagine how’s his concert is going to be like. Huu~ He’s 50 but yet he can really dance well! Seriously, the movie was worth watching for me. Liked the way he talks (very soft, oke, sebab suara dier sangat sedap.. ehee~), the way he thinks (he wanted to spread the LOVE to his fans). XD~ Liked the video clips that he prepared for his fans too. Please watch until the screen goes blank because there’s something to watch. Among the songs were ‘Man in the Mirror’, ‘They don’t care about us’, ‘Smooth Criminal’, ‘thriller’, ‘i just can’t stop loving u’, ‘i’ll be there’, ‘black or white’, ‘billie jean’, ‘beat it’, and many more that I couldn’t recall now. He will always be remembered. :)



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