Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December 2009 Movies Review

Watched Sherlock Holmes Movie with Shera, Kema and ridhu during xmas holiday. It was fun! Sherlock Holmes was portrayed as a genius and straight to the point person in that movie. I like Watson, Sherlock’s assistant acted by Jude Law. Shera likes Avatar movie better though. Watched Avin and the Chipmunk 2 and Avatar 3D with Nat too! Liked Alvin and the Chipmunk 2 movie better. The movie was really fun, cute and I laugh all the way through until the end of the movie. Just knew that Theodore’s voice was Jesse McCartney. XD~` However, I was touched by watching Avatar. The aliens/blue creatures succeeded in protecting their lands from the hands of greedy humans. These three movies are definitely recommended to watch.I guess there are trailers everywhere for movies fans to watch. :) Wanna watch The Vampire Assistant Movie also which airs in Malaysia on the 31st December 2009. Sadly, had to work on New Year. Ohh, My New Year plan. Huk huk~`

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My lovely house~`

Oke! What can I say? I am already working in Segamat, Johor (this is definitely one outdated post... uhuh~). I guess I’ll have to say bye-bye to my newly renovated house now. Tade sape ddk umahh nehh for now... Uhuu~` Maybe in the future lahh yep. For now, i like working in a place which is the centre of everything. Banyak plan jalan-jalan nehh (Melaka, JB, Kuantan, Kerteh, Spore, KL~). Nevertheless, syukur dengan ketentuan-Nya dan I’ll always believed that mesti ada hikmah di atas sesuatu yang terjadi. XD~` I’ll just have to be mentally prepared and brace myself with whatever that’ll come in the future. Ngee~` PIPE (company induction programme for 16 days) was fun. *Ehem* See the pictures in facebook larhh yep. Just too much too share. So far I had been really busy with work. My work requires me to go here and there a lot (mcm merempat pulakk rase... ahah~). I’ve had the opportunity to meet new people. After this, I will try to share more on life in Segamat, hotel reviews that I’ve stayed while working and also restaurant review in different regions. Need to find time to blog... XD~

 Snapshot of the house.. :)

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