Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My lovely house~`

Oke! What can I say? I am already working in Segamat, Johor (this is definitely one outdated post... uhuh~). I guess I’ll have to say bye-bye to my newly renovated house now. Tade sape ddk umahh nehh for now... Uhuu~` Maybe in the future lahh yep. For now, i like working in a place which is the centre of everything. Banyak plan jalan-jalan nehh (Melaka, JB, Kuantan, Kerteh, Spore, KL~). Nevertheless, syukur dengan ketentuan-Nya dan I’ll always believed that mesti ada hikmah di atas sesuatu yang terjadi. XD~` I’ll just have to be mentally prepared and brace myself with whatever that’ll come in the future. Ngee~` PIPE (company induction programme for 16 days) was fun. *Ehem* See the pictures in facebook larhh yep. Just too much too share. So far I had been really busy with work. My work requires me to go here and there a lot (mcm merempat pulakk rase... ahah~). I’ve had the opportunity to meet new people. After this, I will try to share more on life in Segamat, hotel reviews that I’ve stayed while working and also restaurant review in different regions. Need to find time to blog... XD~

 Snapshot of the house.. :)


Charlz said...

hannah! u tinggal alone in a big house? whooo~

Hannah said...

huhuH~ kinda.. the house i'm staying in Segamat is quite spacious.. luckily got 1 osmet.. =P~


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