Friday, August 28, 2009

Berbuka Puasa~`

This week, did went to Vistana Hotel in Penang to break fast. The food buffet there was very nice. RM45 was totally worth it. Would recommend people to eat here. In Gurney area, there's a lot of cheap buffet ranging from RM20++ but it's too far for me and I'm working. *sigh*. There were varieties of food to choose from. There were Nasi Briyani delicacies, Nasi Ayam, Curry Mee, Kambing Panggang, Roti Jala, Tomyam, Sup Kambing, Bubur Lambuk, Roti Canai and Roti Jala as the heavy ones. Side dishes and deserts includes assorted fruits, salads, ulam and belacan, ice-cream, cendol, ais kacang, puddings, cakes, and kuih-muih. I might forget to include some foods as well. Equatorial Ramadan buffet was not that nice and it’s RM80. They serve fresh cold meats. =P~

@Kenny Rogers . The foods . @Vistana Hotel~

Upon reading this article by The Star news on 27 AUGUST 2009, tibe2 insaf. Yerp2, I have to say that agree to what the article say. But once in a blue moon, it’s nice to eat buffet especially during Ramadan. Still, this month is a month whereby we need to do more good deeds, be more patient and have empathy towards others.

I did go to the fun park near Queensbay sometime ago. It was not that big but there were many people. Ok, I know I should be more cautious since H1N1 outbreak. Did attend talk by doctors here in Penang in explaining what H1N1 is all about. It was similar to the Spanish flu which killed 2 to 10 million people in two years many years ago. But, back then, I would say that, they found ways to curb it quite late. Now, in 2009, H1N1 happen again. Haih, what does this indicates actually? Hurmm... don’t feel the need to comment further.

The scary looking ghost house and the games~

Bumper Car . Ferris Wheel . Swing Chair~

Back to the fun park, the games are brand new. Even have a ghost house that I didn’t dare to go in. I’ll have to admit, I’m pretty much scared of the dark. Only a bit, ok! I did ride on a few games but within 1 hour, we finished playing around there and headed home as we need to go to work the next day. Luckily, I ride the swing ride (it’s like spinner in Genting Highland) last. I felt a bit dizzy after that. Going back to my hometown during Merdeka day. XD~`

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Moon Book Review

Slowly, I finished reading the second book of Twilight Saga entitled “New Moon” from Stephenie Meyer. Just for fun. Here’s one simple quick glance synopsis. Can’t wait for the movie to come out in November.

    1. Edward left Bella.
    2. Despite being a danger magnet, Bella is into extreme sports, motorbikes and other dangerous activities just to hear Edward’s voices inside her head.
    3. Bella learned that her best friend, Jacob Black was a werewolf. Vampires’ natural enemy. She spends most of her time with Jacob now.
    4. Alice came back for Bella to take her to Edward who believed that Bella is dead. Thanks to Rosalie telling on Alice’s not so true vision.
    5. Edward is trying to commit suicide by provoking the Volturi (threesome vampires regarded as the most powerful vampires in Italy).
    6. Bella managed to reach out to Edward before he does something stupid and provoke the Volturi while Aro, Volturi leader is interested in Bella, Alice and Edward and make them promise to turn Bella into one of them (vampires).
    7. The Cullens are back at Forks again and Charlie (Bella’s dad) and Jacob were unhappy with the news. Through voting, the Cullens agreed to change Bella into a vampire once Bella graduated from school. Edward is with Bella again.
    8. Right now, Bella faced threat from Victoria (James’ vampire mate whom wanted to kill Bella in twilight book), threat from Volturi if she was not yet a vampire and from Jacob, her best friend who is vampires’ mutual enemy.

And the story continues to the author’s third book called “eclipse”.

Ok! Luahan perasaan. Movie titled ‘I Love u Beth Cooper’ was not really that nice at all. Haih~` Why did I want to watch it in the first place. Still, wanna watch the ugly truth movie staring Katherine Heigl in September. Hope that one would be nicer. I don’t really prefer cartoons like Finding Nemo nor Lilo n Stitch kind of movie, but I would accompany my youngest sis to watch laa. I love action movies better like Transformers, Iron Man, Spiderman, etc. XD~`

Monday, August 24, 2009


“Terharu”. That is all I can say when Na and the rest are concern whether I’ll be alone this fasting month. Uhuu~` Ingat juge mereka pada saya. Thanks Na and all. Siap msg2, call and IM. I owe u guys. Yerp, I’m fine thus far and hope that my friends have a blessed Ramadan as well.

I would say that I missed berterawikh di UTP with my friends. I missed going to bazaar and break ‘fast’ with them. I missed the time where we need to wake up early in the morning (before Subuh) to eat before start fasting. The most important part was that I missed my friends. Although dah jumpe during convo time. But, still there were some whom I did not manage to see as well. Time flies so fast. o(╥﹏╥)o~` Tiroo azam punyer sign. =P~

On the first fasting day, I went to my grandma house as she invited me to break ‘fast’ (berbuka puasa) with her. So, I stayed for one night at my grandparent’s house. They are happy on the visit. Sangat banyak makanan yang derang beli. Haih~` I’m not sure I should feel utterly happy or otherwise. I ate a lot. T_T~ I bought them soya drinks and Tao Fu Fah as I know they like it. The bazaar in Bayan Baru was huge. I went there for awhile only and fast2 choww before I start become greedy and buying unnecessary stuff. Merdeka time (public holiday in Malaysia), I’ll be going back home spending time with my parents and Subang friends. I guess I’ll give my grandparent’s a visit again sometime during weekends. Hehe. Then again, to the Muslims, happy fasting and for the non-Muslims, happy buying nice food at the bazaar. XD~

Back from my grandparent’s house, I went straight to Queensbay to support Mila, my housemate. She’s auditioning for Queensbay shop and sing contest. =P~ What laa am I’m doing during the fasting month. Gonna stop screwing around. Haih~`

Friday, August 21, 2009

Welcoming the fasting month~

It’s Ramadan Al-Mubarak whereby some people are going to fast for one whole month. Thus, wishing my friends and family who are fasting a happy Ramadan month. May we are blessed. Ehee~` Banyak plan berbuke puase juge~ *wink*...

Memories of moments celebrated together…….
Moments that has been attached in my heart, forever…….
Make me MISS YOU even more this Ramadan.
Hope this Ramadan brings in Good Fortune
& Abounding Happiness for all!
Happy Ramadan Mubarak~` XD~

Thursday, August 20, 2009


On last Wednesday (19/8/09), my housemate decided to eat Ketam (crabs) and Udang (prawn) at Nurul’s Ikan Bakar and I tag along. I would have to say that I like eating here aside from Hammer Bay. The Ketam and Udang were huge and tasty. Definitely I’m going to bring my family to eat here in the future. After we had our dinner, we went to watch movie at Queensbay Mall, Penang. On Wednesday, it’s only RM6 for a ticket. It’s quite cheap and we watched Chinese movie called ‘Tracing Shadow’ and the movie was not nice at all. We just watch for the sake of watching as no movie to watch also. So wanna watch the movie ‘I LOVE U Beth Cooper’. It was released on 20 August in Malaysia. The trailer seems nice and funny. Aliens in the Attic movie was also very nice, simple movie. Plus, I scored 72 shots in 1 minute at the basketball arcade game. I’ve got to set the new high score there although I seldom played. I think I only played twice before. Haha~ I was still wondering why Queensbay Mall doesn’t have bowling alley. Just have shops, movie, arcade and roller skate arena. Never had the chance to try roller-skating just yet. Uhuh~ Plus, I just knew that Queensbay Mall belongs to Marina Mahathir and she is opening up a bigger mall in Penang. The project had already commerce near the Penang Bridge as well.

The funfair near Queensbay also had opened. It’s not that big but the games are brand new. Fasting month is also coming. Wondering why have they not set it up earlier. Uhuh~ Tengok anak bulan malam ini. We might have to start fasting either Friday or Saturday in Malaysia. And Ohh, it’s Saturday. =P~


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

UTP 2009 Convocation!

Good news! Officially graduated! XD~

OMG, I’m so happy and sad that convocation is over. A bit tired, exhausted, restless, name it. Ehee... but it was worth it. The best part was I get to see all my friends whom I missed so much. I stayed in UTP with shera while my family stayed in Ipoh. I manage to spend time with my friends here. Can’t wait to upload pictures @ facebook but need to find time to do it. Iskk2... More pictures @ my facebook. Did went to mapley, hangout to Ipoh, walking around convosquare and watch Aizat’s AF concert. But, it was a short concert though, a bit disappointed. Went to UTP Thursday night and I was pretty much occupied until Monday, one day after the convocation day. I can see my parents’ happy faces and I get to eat the foods that I was longing to eat since last 2 months. Hehe.

Graduation rehearsal and Muggles hangout~ (14 AUGUST 2009)
In the morning, we need to attend the graduation rehearsal. Our beloved lecturer, Ms Khalidah Khalid Ali (we call her ainsuffian’s mum as there were resemblances... =P~) was there as well. We get to take pictures with her. Then, we went to Ipoh Parade and have our dinner at David’s Diner Greentown. The restaurant service was excellent. At the diner, they provided American and Mexican foods. The food was really superb. After dinner, we head straight back to UTP to go to convosquare. \o

The restaurant~

Convo Dinner (15 AUGUST 2009)
UTP convo dinner was nice and more than I had expected. Tun Dr. Mahathir and Tan Sri Hassan Merican were there as well. Tun speeches in both at convo dinner and convocation ceremony were very inspiring. The food and performance was awesome. Paying RM50 for it was totally worth it. I would recommend my JAN05 engineering batch to go to the convo dinner next year. ^___^~

Convo Dinner~

Graduation Day~ (16 AUGUST 2009)
*Ehem2*. This particular day will definitely be remembered. I spend the whole day morning and afternoon with my parents and siblings. I did not manage to take pictures with my fellow coursemates. Nguhuu~ Sorry for di and ayu especially. Luckily we had taken pics a day earlier with Muggles. But, I am still a bit frustrated as I could not manage to take pictures in robe with ayu, di and the rest of my course mate. Sorry if I did miss from seeing a few people. It was really one hectic day. (+_+)~`

Convocation Ceremony~

Lastly, thanks all for the flowers, graduation presents and for spending your precious time with me. It was memorable.

Note: Not advisable to wear this shoe. Causes pain. Urghh, why on earth did I left all my covered shoes and rushing to buy a new one for convo. (-_-)!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yesterday’s Crazy Day!

Yesterday! It was 12-AUGUST-2009.

8.00 am: Arrive @ the office. Work commences.
10.30 am:Morning break with pali, kong and kak Ayu. Work commences.
12.30 pm:Lunch with pali and kak ayu.
2.00 pm: Meeting with colleague, bosses and suppliers.
4.30 pm: Meeting adjourned. Go and do reporting, pull out from the SAP system.
5.30 pm: Go back, send my car to wash and headed home.
8.00 pm: Went to USM convo, makan2 and jalan2 there.
9.25 pm: Watched G.I.Joe:The Rise of Cobra movie. Ok, I’ll let other bloggers do the review. Movie was really nice. Must watch movie! Straight away headed back home when movie ends. XD~

Ok, I was not really busy with work yesterday but other stuff. I was very tired as I still could not have a good night sleep. Urghh, I miss my good night sleep. I hoped that UTP 2009 Convocation will be a blast! USM tapak convo was really huge but their stage was small. There are many stalls as well. But, of course, I would want to jalan2 @ UTP’s tapak convo. I hope there’s time to do so. I wake up very late today. (+_+)~` Lambat 10 minit pegi office. Ngaa~ Yerp, today, I’ll head back to UTP. Hehe... convoy 2 kereta. Yayy~` Will be in UTP for a couple of days.

USM Convex

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Random Post!

Tired a bit.
Sleepless nights for these few weeks.
Imagine me having trouble sleeping!
Many plans before upcoming fasting day.
So many things to think about.
Keeping up.
Weird dreams.
Ok, enough of this craps.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Makan2 again~

Last Friday, went to eat curry fish head with my current boss and other colleagues as well. Ok, the pot was big and the fish was fresh. But not so, according to one of my colleague, he had tasted for better in Juru. But, that one was Chinese coffee shop with fish head curry. So, I could not eat there also. These curry fish head restaurant that I went was just beside Penang fishery department. So, no wonder they can get a whole stock of fish to sell. Even the VVIPs (Malaysian and a few mat saleh (foreigners) went to eat here. My boss said that in Balik Pulau also got a lot of nice Malay shops to eat and will bring the team there also. So wanted to go there eat and cam-whoring. There got paddy-field. XD~

A few of my team mates and the curry fish head. XD~

Last Sunday also I did go out with Mila, Lien, Tengku and Paie to Juru. We go there to eat Ketam as Lien longing to eat Ketam (crab). The journey was not that far, however we reached there in the evening as the shop was situated in Kuala Juru, depth towards village areas. The road was small, however, admired the scenery. Very nice view, I would say it’s quite a peaceful area. Juru also got a nice place to eat. But, the Char Kuey Teow inside Penang Island is not nice; have to go to Seberang to eat Char Kuey Teow. Mila had brought me to a few places, Permatang Pauh (anep’s place), Sungai Dua, Perda and Bukit Mertajam. Sumer cdapp... Uhuu~` I had been eating non-stop (ok, exaggerate a bit), but still go to eating places a lot, that I’m scared being gaining weight. Ngaa, what will I look like wearing the graduation robe. Xmo pakai mask~ Mesti kelakar. Yep, in my workplace also a few people would mistaken me as an intern. Urghh, ye... saye kecikk, it’s a fact that I’m aware of, no point telling me the same thing many times. Used to it already. XD~ My graduation day is just around the corner. Can’t wait. I miss my friends so much. Huu~`

Restoran Nelayan Kuala Juru~

@ Kuala Juru~

The food~

Lien and Mila~

Grateful for what I have right now. Did also went to eat at Thai’s restaurant named Pak Hussin Tomyam. The food there is very nice. Would want to bring other people for ‘Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan’ too~

Pak Hussin Tomyam~

Sorry ( truely am, T_T )but I’m currently, looking forward to:-
1) Graduation day + convo dinner~
2) Camwhore session~
3) Muggles private dinner or mapley hangout~
4) Collecting my scroll and transcript~
5) Seeing my fellow friends in UTP~ *wink*... XD~

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Terengganu Trip Part II

At kenyir lake (this lake is very huge and hot.. huhuH~), visitors can go visit a few gua (caves), gunung like gunung gagau, air terjun like Lasir waterfall (waterfalls) and cruise, also island hopping. In Kenyir Lake, there’s pulau herba, etc. The waterfall is huge but the journey took 1 hour by boat to reach the destination. Boat dier tade aircond ye, mcm dekat tioman but bigger. Huhuh~ At Pulau Duyong, we can see traditional boat builders who were busy at work. X smpt nk tgk fireflies at Yak Yah River sbb dier tyme mlm je. In Pasar Payang, there were many batik and songket sold. Tapi tade baju yang dh siap. Luckily sudah beli kebaye for convo dinner. (+_+)~`

Di Taman Tamadun Islam, sangat banyak monument around like Taj Mahal, Masjidil Haram, etc. Sangat kagom melihat. Hehe. There’s theater, games and also historical exhibition inside. We can go visit each monument by tram, bicycle or walking. However, we missed one place which is the floating mosque (Masjid Tengku Tengah Zaharah... iskk2, ruginye.. mesti chantekk~). Bule2, rekomen orang melawat Masjid Kristal, Floating Mosque and also the Taman Tamadun Islam. *wink*… Picture can speak for itself.

- Sultan Mahmud Airport -

- Terengganu State Museum -

- Masjid Kristal -

- Masjid Kristal Guest House -

- Taman Monumen -

- The monuments.. XD~ -

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Terengganu Trip Part I

I was very tired last week and this week (Exhausted, brain dead, etc). It feels like a very long week. Had gone through and forth from Penang – KL – Penang – KL – Terengganu – KL – Penang. Airport dh jadikk mcm my third home aside from Subang Jaya and Bayan Lepas. Sedey je rase, mcm merempat… huu~ I was rushing in packing my bags and forgotten to bring sun block, shades and also umbrella. Ngaa.. Kuala Terengganu agak panas. I kinda like Terengganu. The building was nice. Admiring the architecture and engineering design work. Ade unsur puji2 engineers jugak di cni. =P~ Terengganu is located dekat persisiran pantai and that is why mostly orang dilarang mandi in beaches. It overlooks South China Sea. Also, keeping in mind that sooner or later, I’ll have to leave Penang (let me stay here for awhile longer, please... T_T), back to KL and dicampak ke mane2 dlm Malaysia inihh utk bekerja. Bintulu ke mane taw kan... Huu~ I might have to enjoy and make the most out of it, aite? Marah dgn H1N1, ssh btol maw travel inihh. Iskk2, lebey selamat travel within Malaysia~ Sokong2 zoom Malaysia. =P~

Well, back to the Terengganu trip. Sangat ingin merase sup belut (ty nk gy carikk di marang or klate), makan sata and otak-otak banyak2 tp tade di Kuala Terengganu (I had weird taste in foods... XD~). Need to go to Marang or Kemaman. Well, we only pulun keropok lekor at Losong area and also Seberang Takir. Cdap2, sukeww~` Currently sukeww big apple caramel latte juger~ In addition, sangat mengagumi keindahan masjid Kristal and the KT airport as well. Thumbs up! My dad and Azam (my bro) went diving in Pulau Redang while we, the girls went to Kuala Terengganu (KT) shopping. Haha... Redang was cold and windy kt sane. KT agak panas. Huk huk~` My brother gets to see corals and kapal karam (sank ships). Among the places that we visited:-

  • Masjid Kristal

  • Taman Tamadun Islam (Islamic World Civilisation)

  • Teluk Ketapang and Pantai Batu Burok (Currently staying in Penang Island, seeing beaches is plain normal. Huk2)

  • Pasar Payang

  • Tasik Kenyir (Kenyir Lake)

  • Kampung Cina (China Town)

  • Pulau Duyong

  • Batu Bersurat (Inscribed Stone)

- Part II will be coming shortly~ XD~ -

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Long awaited UTP CONVO letter~

At first, I thought that our convocation might be postponed due to H1N1. It’s fine by me. I don’t mind that much. BUT, suddenly my mom gave me a letter with my name on it! Once opened, it was an invitation to attend the UTP 9th convocation ceremony. I was looking forward to going to our convocation. Yayyy! Officially graduated on 16 August 2009! Insyallah, if god permits. Nguu, still kasihan bagi mereka yang xdpt dtg ke convo. I’m sorry. Will send you an e-card. =(

Below are the “to do” list:-

1. Confirm attendance online @
2. Rent convocation robe, mortar board and hood
3. Attend full dress rehearsal on Friday, 14th August 2009, 10.30am (huk2, won’t be attending)
4. Pay for the photography service, convocation ceremony, alumni and convocation dinner (still undecided whether to go for convo dinner or not... T_T)
5. UTP ALUMNI registration
6.Online submission of Tracer Study Form @
7. Return convocation robe, etc and collection of graduation docs (scroll and transcript)

Deep down, I know I miss my friends a lot! Urghh, tdk sabar maw jumpe mereka2 yg sgt bussukk ituhh. Macam kene mintak tulun syai n shera for the robe rental, payment n stuff... huk huk, gomen menyusahkan~ Plus... I know I’ll be staying at UTP until Monday, 17th August. Camwhore session please~ Lalalala~`


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