Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Moon Book Review

Slowly, I finished reading the second book of Twilight Saga entitled “New Moon” from Stephenie Meyer. Just for fun. Here’s one simple quick glance synopsis. Can’t wait for the movie to come out in November.

    1. Edward left Bella.
    2. Despite being a danger magnet, Bella is into extreme sports, motorbikes and other dangerous activities just to hear Edward’s voices inside her head.
    3. Bella learned that her best friend, Jacob Black was a werewolf. Vampires’ natural enemy. She spends most of her time with Jacob now.
    4. Alice came back for Bella to take her to Edward who believed that Bella is dead. Thanks to Rosalie telling on Alice’s not so true vision.
    5. Edward is trying to commit suicide by provoking the Volturi (threesome vampires regarded as the most powerful vampires in Italy).
    6. Bella managed to reach out to Edward before he does something stupid and provoke the Volturi while Aro, Volturi leader is interested in Bella, Alice and Edward and make them promise to turn Bella into one of them (vampires).
    7. The Cullens are back at Forks again and Charlie (Bella’s dad) and Jacob were unhappy with the news. Through voting, the Cullens agreed to change Bella into a vampire once Bella graduated from school. Edward is with Bella again.
    8. Right now, Bella faced threat from Victoria (James’ vampire mate whom wanted to kill Bella in twilight book), threat from Volturi if she was not yet a vampire and from Jacob, her best friend who is vampires’ mutual enemy.

And the story continues to the author’s third book called “eclipse”.

Ok! Luahan perasaan. Movie titled ‘I Love u Beth Cooper’ was not really that nice at all. Haih~` Why did I want to watch it in the first place. Still, wanna watch the ugly truth movie staring Katherine Heigl in September. Hope that one would be nicer. I don’t really prefer cartoons like Finding Nemo nor Lilo n Stitch kind of movie, but I would accompany my youngest sis to watch laa. I love action movies better like Transformers, Iron Man, Spiderman, etc. XD~`


Charlz said...

Ark!! "I Love u Beth Cooper" x best eh? alaa.. baru je put it in my list of movies to watch :P how was it? cite spoiler pls :P haha x comedy sgt eh? ke hayden pannetierre x besh?

Hannah said...

ahaha.. Yerp, for me it's not that nice, not really worth watching laa.. unless u wanna watch hayden, she's h0t as usual in that movie, her acting skils were good..

The movie is about this one smart nerdy guy who confesses in front of the whole school during graduation day that he loves beth cooper (Hayden). He scared that he won’t have a chance to see her as they never even spoke at all before and he always seats behind her in every class. Then only, Hayden start talking to him and he invited her to his lame graduation party. Then, Hayden’s bf started to trash over this nerd guy party and they ran away together (5 of them, 3 girls and two boys). Hayden’s bf wanted to kill this guy laa. A lot of things happen, and this nerd guy (I forgot his name... huhuh~) realize that Hayden was not really Beth Cooper that he imagine. She’s reckless, scary, etc but he still love her. But, the part where they fought Hayden’s bf was funny laa. Lastly, after they had fun together, it was time to go home. Hayden send that guy home, they kissed and promise if they don’t have partners during reunion in the next few years, they would marry each other.

The End~ Dunno whether it’s enough for u or not. XD~`

Anonymous said...

Nice la hannah.
Boleh wat sinopsis movie kat blog u nih.
nnt sblm tgk movie blh la bace sinopsis dia dl. blh la tau cite 2 best ke x..

Hannah said...

thanks anonymous~` ahaha.. if got time, then bule buat review.. XD~ Erkss.. maaf2 juge.. spoiler..


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