Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yesterday’s Crazy Day!

Yesterday! It was 12-AUGUST-2009.

8.00 am: Arrive @ the office. Work commences.
10.30 am:Morning break with pali, kong and kak Ayu. Work commences.
12.30 pm:Lunch with pali and kak ayu.
2.00 pm: Meeting with colleague, bosses and suppliers.
4.30 pm: Meeting adjourned. Go and do reporting, pull out from the SAP system.
5.30 pm: Go back, send my car to wash and headed home.
8.00 pm: Went to USM convo, makan2 and jalan2 there.
9.25 pm: Watched G.I.Joe:The Rise of Cobra movie. Ok, I’ll let other bloggers do the review. Movie was really nice. Must watch movie! Straight away headed back home when movie ends. XD~

Ok, I was not really busy with work yesterday but other stuff. I was very tired as I still could not have a good night sleep. Urghh, I miss my good night sleep. I hoped that UTP 2009 Convocation will be a blast! USM tapak convo was really huge but their stage was small. There are many stalls as well. But, of course, I would want to jalan2 @ UTP’s tapak convo. I hope there’s time to do so. I wake up very late today. (+_+)~` Lambat 10 minit pegi office. Ngaa~ Yerp, today, I’ll head back to UTP. Hehe... convoy 2 kereta. Yayy~` Will be in UTP for a couple of days.

USM Convex



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