Thursday, August 20, 2009


On last Wednesday (19/8/09), my housemate decided to eat Ketam (crabs) and Udang (prawn) at Nurul’s Ikan Bakar and I tag along. I would have to say that I like eating here aside from Hammer Bay. The Ketam and Udang were huge and tasty. Definitely I’m going to bring my family to eat here in the future. After we had our dinner, we went to watch movie at Queensbay Mall, Penang. On Wednesday, it’s only RM6 for a ticket. It’s quite cheap and we watched Chinese movie called ‘Tracing Shadow’ and the movie was not nice at all. We just watch for the sake of watching as no movie to watch also. So wanna watch the movie ‘I LOVE U Beth Cooper’. It was released on 20 August in Malaysia. The trailer seems nice and funny. Aliens in the Attic movie was also very nice, simple movie. Plus, I scored 72 shots in 1 minute at the basketball arcade game. I’ve got to set the new high score there although I seldom played. I think I only played twice before. Haha~ I was still wondering why Queensbay Mall doesn’t have bowling alley. Just have shops, movie, arcade and roller skate arena. Never had the chance to try roller-skating just yet. Uhuh~ Plus, I just knew that Queensbay Mall belongs to Marina Mahathir and she is opening up a bigger mall in Penang. The project had already commerce near the Penang Bridge as well.

The funfair near Queensbay also had opened. It’s not that big but the games are brand new. Fasting month is also coming. Wondering why have they not set it up earlier. Uhuh~ Tengok anak bulan malam ini. We might have to start fasting either Friday or Saturday in Malaysia. And Ohh, it’s Saturday. =P~



John Emmanuel Edmund said...

nak makan ketam (crab)& udang (prawns)gak.. hehehe..

Asfa Asfera said...

blog hannah penuh dengan makanan. menarik...yummy yummy XD

Hannah said...

hehe.. jom? wana n john.. i bring u guys over.. yep, asyek mkn je, haih2.. i bet mesti u guys won't recognize me in a few months time (gaining weight).. nsb baek after dis puase.. diet2 =P~


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