Wednesday, August 19, 2009

UTP 2009 Convocation!

Good news! Officially graduated! XD~

OMG, I’m so happy and sad that convocation is over. A bit tired, exhausted, restless, name it. Ehee... but it was worth it. The best part was I get to see all my friends whom I missed so much. I stayed in UTP with shera while my family stayed in Ipoh. I manage to spend time with my friends here. Can’t wait to upload pictures @ facebook but need to find time to do it. Iskk2... More pictures @ my facebook. Did went to mapley, hangout to Ipoh, walking around convosquare and watch Aizat’s AF concert. But, it was a short concert though, a bit disappointed. Went to UTP Thursday night and I was pretty much occupied until Monday, one day after the convocation day. I can see my parents’ happy faces and I get to eat the foods that I was longing to eat since last 2 months. Hehe.

Graduation rehearsal and Muggles hangout~ (14 AUGUST 2009)
In the morning, we need to attend the graduation rehearsal. Our beloved lecturer, Ms Khalidah Khalid Ali (we call her ainsuffian’s mum as there were resemblances... =P~) was there as well. We get to take pictures with her. Then, we went to Ipoh Parade and have our dinner at David’s Diner Greentown. The restaurant service was excellent. At the diner, they provided American and Mexican foods. The food was really superb. After dinner, we head straight back to UTP to go to convosquare. \o

The restaurant~

Convo Dinner (15 AUGUST 2009)
UTP convo dinner was nice and more than I had expected. Tun Dr. Mahathir and Tan Sri Hassan Merican were there as well. Tun speeches in both at convo dinner and convocation ceremony were very inspiring. The food and performance was awesome. Paying RM50 for it was totally worth it. I would recommend my JAN05 engineering batch to go to the convo dinner next year. ^___^~

Convo Dinner~

Graduation Day~ (16 AUGUST 2009)
*Ehem2*. This particular day will definitely be remembered. I spend the whole day morning and afternoon with my parents and siblings. I did not manage to take pictures with my fellow coursemates. Nguhuu~ Sorry for di and ayu especially. Luckily we had taken pics a day earlier with Muggles. But, I am still a bit frustrated as I could not manage to take pictures in robe with ayu, di and the rest of my course mate. Sorry if I did miss from seeing a few people. It was really one hectic day. (+_+)~`

Convocation Ceremony~

Lastly, thanks all for the flowers, graduation presents and for spending your precious time with me. It was memorable.

Note: Not advisable to wear this shoe. Causes pain. Urghh, why on earth did I left all my covered shoes and rushing to buy a new one for convo. (-_-)!


kEyrOL~ said...

the heels really nice tho..
beauty is pain darling..ahahaha~

ainsuffian said...

tahniah hannah!!!

alorr.. ain xpat amik gmbar ngan ms khalidah sbb saket..
tsk tsk T___T

syaima' said...

yep. beauty is pain dear.
sama la kt.
kasut i pun sgt menyakitkan i. huhu
mahal jek lebeh`~

Hannah said...

keyrol: yep2, agreed.. patot watch the way i walk towards Tun mase nk amek scroll.. =P~ slow-mo..

ain~: congrats too.. tape2, ain di UTP.. can go pay her a visit.. XD~

syai: bt0l2.. n heels ituhh sgt tinggi.. but, love it still.. hehe

luffy said...


pki bju besar pon painful (bju ayah), batekku ade org pinjm x pulang....hehehe

so my convo so simple, sume bju lme,ksut lme jugk....tpi was very wonderful......

best2 jumpe hannah sume....xbergambar ngn ain gak!!!

Hannah said...

thanks lut.. yep, besh2.. part paling best is dpt jumpe student utp balek.. huhuH~


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