Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Terengganu Trip Part I

I was very tired last week and this week (Exhausted, brain dead, etc). It feels like a very long week. Had gone through and forth from Penang – KL – Penang – KL – Terengganu – KL – Penang. Airport dh jadikk mcm my third home aside from Subang Jaya and Bayan Lepas. Sedey je rase, mcm merempat… huu~ I was rushing in packing my bags and forgotten to bring sun block, shades and also umbrella. Ngaa.. Kuala Terengganu agak panas. I kinda like Terengganu. The building was nice. Admiring the architecture and engineering design work. Ade unsur puji2 engineers jugak di cni. =P~ Terengganu is located dekat persisiran pantai and that is why mostly orang dilarang mandi in beaches. It overlooks South China Sea. Also, keeping in mind that sooner or later, I’ll have to leave Penang (let me stay here for awhile longer, please... T_T), back to KL and dicampak ke mane2 dlm Malaysia inihh utk bekerja. Bintulu ke mane taw kan... Huu~ I might have to enjoy and make the most out of it, aite? Marah dgn H1N1, ssh btol maw travel inihh. Iskk2, lebey selamat travel within Malaysia~ Sokong2 zoom Malaysia. =P~

Well, back to the Terengganu trip. Sangat ingin merase sup belut (ty nk gy carikk di marang or klate), makan sata and otak-otak banyak2 tp tade di Kuala Terengganu (I had weird taste in foods... XD~). Need to go to Marang or Kemaman. Well, we only pulun keropok lekor at Losong area and also Seberang Takir. Cdap2, sukeww~` Currently sukeww big apple caramel latte juger~ In addition, sangat mengagumi keindahan masjid Kristal and the KT airport as well. Thumbs up! My dad and Azam (my bro) went diving in Pulau Redang while we, the girls went to Kuala Terengganu (KT) shopping. Haha... Redang was cold and windy kt sane. KT agak panas. Huk huk~` My brother gets to see corals and kapal karam (sank ships). Among the places that we visited:-

  • Masjid Kristal

  • Taman Tamadun Islam (Islamic World Civilisation)

  • Teluk Ketapang and Pantai Batu Burok (Currently staying in Penang Island, seeing beaches is plain normal. Huk2)

  • Pasar Payang

  • Tasik Kenyir (Kenyir Lake)

  • Kampung Cina (China Town)

  • Pulau Duyong

  • Batu Bersurat (Inscribed Stone)

- Part II will be coming shortly~ XD~ -


syaima' said...

best nye hannah.
dapat g jalan2.
bila lagi muggles leh jalan2 cani kan~?

Hannah said...

yerp2.. bile laa muggles nk jln2 lagikk.. huhuH~ tape2.. muggles convo dinner dulu n when every1 dh stable.. one thing at a time dulu.. =P~


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