Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Long awaited UTP CONVO letter~

At first, I thought that our convocation might be postponed due to H1N1. It’s fine by me. I don’t mind that much. BUT, suddenly my mom gave me a letter with my name on it! Once opened, it was an invitation to attend the UTP 9th convocation ceremony. I was looking forward to going to our convocation. Yayyy! Officially graduated on 16 August 2009! Insyallah, if god permits. Nguu, still kasihan bagi mereka yang xdpt dtg ke convo. I’m sorry. Will send you an e-card. =(

Below are the “to do” list:-

1. Confirm attendance online @ www.utp.edu.my/convo2009
2. Rent convocation robe, mortar board and hood
3. Attend full dress rehearsal on Friday, 14th August 2009, 10.30am (huk2, won’t be attending)
4. Pay for the photography service, convocation ceremony, alumni and convocation dinner (still undecided whether to go for convo dinner or not... T_T)
5. UTP ALUMNI registration
6.Online submission of Tracer Study Form @ http://graduat.mohe.gov.my/
7. Return convocation robe, etc and collection of graduation docs (scroll and transcript)

Deep down, I know I miss my friends a lot! Urghh, tdk sabar maw jumpe mereka2 yg sgt bussukk ituhh. Macam kene mintak tulun syai n shera for the robe rental, payment n stuff... huk huk, gomen menyusahkan~ Plus... I know I’ll be staying at UTP until Monday, 17th August. Camwhore session please~ Lalalala~`


syaima' said...

sure~ camwhore session is a must okay`~!!

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