Friday, August 28, 2009

Berbuka Puasa~`

This week, did went to Vistana Hotel in Penang to break fast. The food buffet there was very nice. RM45 was totally worth it. Would recommend people to eat here. In Gurney area, there's a lot of cheap buffet ranging from RM20++ but it's too far for me and I'm working. *sigh*. There were varieties of food to choose from. There were Nasi Briyani delicacies, Nasi Ayam, Curry Mee, Kambing Panggang, Roti Jala, Tomyam, Sup Kambing, Bubur Lambuk, Roti Canai and Roti Jala as the heavy ones. Side dishes and deserts includes assorted fruits, salads, ulam and belacan, ice-cream, cendol, ais kacang, puddings, cakes, and kuih-muih. I might forget to include some foods as well. Equatorial Ramadan buffet was not that nice and it’s RM80. They serve fresh cold meats. =P~

@Kenny Rogers . The foods . @Vistana Hotel~

Upon reading this article by The Star news on 27 AUGUST 2009, tibe2 insaf. Yerp2, I have to say that agree to what the article say. But once in a blue moon, it’s nice to eat buffet especially during Ramadan. Still, this month is a month whereby we need to do more good deeds, be more patient and have empathy towards others.

I did go to the fun park near Queensbay sometime ago. It was not that big but there were many people. Ok, I know I should be more cautious since H1N1 outbreak. Did attend talk by doctors here in Penang in explaining what H1N1 is all about. It was similar to the Spanish flu which killed 2 to 10 million people in two years many years ago. But, back then, I would say that, they found ways to curb it quite late. Now, in 2009, H1N1 happen again. Haih, what does this indicates actually? Hurmm... don’t feel the need to comment further.

The scary looking ghost house and the games~

Bumper Car . Ferris Wheel . Swing Chair~

Back to the fun park, the games are brand new. Even have a ghost house that I didn’t dare to go in. I’ll have to admit, I’m pretty much scared of the dark. Only a bit, ok! I did ride on a few games but within 1 hour, we finished playing around there and headed home as we need to go to work the next day. Luckily, I ride the swing ride (it’s like spinner in Genting Highland) last. I felt a bit dizzy after that. Going back to my hometown during Merdeka day. XD~`



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