Monday, August 24, 2009


“Terharu”. That is all I can say when Na and the rest are concern whether I’ll be alone this fasting month. Uhuu~` Ingat juge mereka pada saya. Thanks Na and all. Siap msg2, call and IM. I owe u guys. Yerp, I’m fine thus far and hope that my friends have a blessed Ramadan as well.

I would say that I missed berterawikh di UTP with my friends. I missed going to bazaar and break ‘fast’ with them. I missed the time where we need to wake up early in the morning (before Subuh) to eat before start fasting. The most important part was that I missed my friends. Although dah jumpe during convo time. But, still there were some whom I did not manage to see as well. Time flies so fast. o(╥﹏╥)o~` Tiroo azam punyer sign. =P~

On the first fasting day, I went to my grandma house as she invited me to break ‘fast’ (berbuka puasa) with her. So, I stayed for one night at my grandparent’s house. They are happy on the visit. Sangat banyak makanan yang derang beli. Haih~` I’m not sure I should feel utterly happy or otherwise. I ate a lot. T_T~ I bought them soya drinks and Tao Fu Fah as I know they like it. The bazaar in Bayan Baru was huge. I went there for awhile only and fast2 choww before I start become greedy and buying unnecessary stuff. Merdeka time (public holiday in Malaysia), I’ll be going back home spending time with my parents and Subang friends. I guess I’ll give my grandparent’s a visit again sometime during weekends. Hehe. Then again, to the Muslims, happy fasting and for the non-Muslims, happy buying nice food at the bazaar. XD~

Back from my grandparent’s house, I went straight to Queensbay to support Mila, my housemate. She’s auditioning for Queensbay shop and sing contest. =P~ What laa am I’m doing during the fasting month. Gonna stop screwing around. Haih~`


cik sentul said...

hey hannah..

take care n have a blessful ramadan too!!

miss u much~!! muah2.. ehe.. ^___^v

Hannah said...

ain~` yerp2.. take care too..
jgn nakal2 puasa di UTP.. hehe..
miss u jgk.. XD~


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