Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Last Day working in Penang

It’s kinda sudden and in Penang, we worked as a family. I’ll definitely miss my boss, my colleagues/team mates, PCE team, my suppliers and requestors who sometimes give me headache (haha!), the big bosses, and also my friends there in the company. I’m grateful to get to know them. Not to forget, my housemate, her family and her friends too!! There’s just so many jalan2 plans x sempat nak execute. Maybe, in the future, I guess. =P~ I’ll also miss the foods and their hospitality. I’ve been called to serve my education sponsor and will start 16 November 2009. I guess I have to start all over again. =P~`

The car that I've always wanted to test drive.. :)

One of the team makan2 that I'll definitely miss and remember

p/s: Most of the pictures are uploaded in my facebook photos. Ehee~` Kasihan blog ku terbiar. Has very limited time to blog. T_T~



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