Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Gunung Ledang Waterfall + Taman Negara Johor!

Went to Gunung Ledang waterfall and Taman Negara Johor second week of December. As you can see, this post is definitely outdated. Ahah~` Just want to share how it is like there for those who might not been here yet. =P~` This trip was quite close to nature I would say. I’ll just start with Gunung Ledang Waterfall. Here, visitors can have picnic, hiking for those people who likes extreme sports like hiking, jungle trekking and mandi-manda at the waterfall. I would say many families came here to spend time together. Mostly kids would love it but definitely not my siblings though because there are more or less grown up already. XD~`

 The picnic area and Gunung Ledang Resort~

Taman Negara Johor

I kinda like this place. Most people came here for hiking, teambuilding, vacation, etc. This place is well-organized but visitors have to go through 15 minutes journey of ermm... plantation area “kelapa sawit and tanah merah + u definitely need to go for a carwash after the trip... :)” before they will reach Taman Negara Johor. People say that Taman Negara Pahang is bigger. Btw, I did saw a few tree names in Malay language which I find it ermm... funny I should say. Examples are “sial menahan”, “keledang tampang bulu”, “geronggang”, “panah arjuna”, “tutup bumi”, “tunjuk langit”, “pecah periuk”, “setawar halia”, etc. In Taman Negara Johor, tourist can visit the ‘Taman Herba’, ‘Taman Periuk Kera’, and they do have a lookout point in which you have to walk for 5 hours to reach there. I find that the chalets are quite nice and many companies did their teambuilding at Taman Negara Johor. =P~`

Taman Negara Johor Signboard~

Visitors will have to go through this plantation area first before arriving at Taman Negara Johor

Taman Negara Johor

Going in~

The registration counter~

Coffee anyone? =P~

The small waterfall


Taman Periuk Kera



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