Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Ugly Truth Movie Review

Finally, watched the ugly truth! Scrap my too watch movie this month (meaning tade dah muvi untuk ditonton pade bulan inihh~). Its 18PL oke, under 18 years old are not recommended to watch as there are not so appropriate words and scenes involved. But, the movie was nice. Agreed! The truth was ugly. Pretty ugly, I must say, but the ending was nice. =) The movie starts with Abby (Katherine Heigl) who has a checklist on what she wanted in a guy. I would say she’s a control freak as she even has a list of conversation topic to talk during dates. Imagine that! She wanted more in a man. Then, she meets Mike (Gerald Butler), who airs the show called ‘The Ugly Truth”. Mike believes that most men is simple and only want one thing which is to fulfill their lust. So, these two with very different opinion always fought during working hours until Abby met this hot doctor, Colin which happens to be her neighbour. Mike helped Abby to get Colin to like her, and eventually Colin was head over heels towards Abby (I called transformational Abby)! Wished that Mike was clean cut, he would look much younger. XD~ Sudden realization struck Mike when he realized that he had fallen for the control freak Abby (the real Abby). Only then Abby realizes that the hot doctor, Colin likes the “Abby” that Mike had created. And, the stories ended up in a nice way. Dun want to be spoiler that much. Check out the trailer below. I guess in a relationship we need to be accepting as it is and if you can’t then move on as it won’t last long (as awful as it may sound, most people would want to be happy, live life to the fullest probably rather than being with someone who took you for granted aite? =P~).


Taufik_Kepet said...

macm nice jer muvi nih

Hannah said...

nice2.. tgklaa.. pasnehh oct tataw ade movie ape yg best.. huhuh~`


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