Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Final Destination Movie Review

The Final Destination movie was out in Malaysia in August. I managed to watch it just recently in September. It was called the Final Destination “rest in pieces” or the Final Destination 4. Had always liked all 3 Final Destination movies before this. When I watch the trailer, it was not that scary. Confidently laa go and watch. Suddenly, it struck me. Gross on the way they died but the story was nice (Again, rest in pieces. Thus, mostly the people inside the movie died with their flesh coming out all over the place. Yuckk, huu~`). None survive although they thought that they had broken the chain. Honestly, I did close my eyes on certain scene laa. The story begins when a boy can watch how people are doing die and his death as well while watching a race. He saved a few people and he ended up getting visions on how the survivors died before his time will come. He tried to stop the dying sequence but in the he didn’t manage to do so. All of them died and the way they died was just plain horrifying! Yep2, watch this movie although I watched it quite late. =P~`

I guess, the moral of the story is that you can’t escape death after all. Just I didn’t expect the last 3 person who survive the crash at the racing site in the first place died being hit in a restaurant called ‘Death by Caffeine’. *Oops, spoiler. Sorry. XD``* Watched “Momok the movie” punye trailer in the cinema. Scary. Dun wanna watch that movie. Haih. Barely had time to blog but will find time. Hehe. Blog kawan-kawanku aktif. Nice2, can read di masa lapang.


Asfa Asfera said...

I watched FD 2 only n I swore not to watch this movie again... huhuhu. x sangka ada lagi sequel cite neh.

Hannah said...

horror gaklaa cite nehh tp beshh.. hehe..

john said...

will go watch it.. hehe.. until now i haven yet man.. haha..

Hannah said...

yep2.. watch2.. hehe


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