Thursday, July 2, 2009

KM Sharing Session

I went to the Knowledge Management (KM) read and share session at the company that I’m currently working for. I’ve learned that based on the 80/20 rules, 20% of efforts or work can lead to 80% of production or desired result. But, it comes with good time management, etc.

According to the 80/20 rules book author, we should
work less, worry less, succeed more and enjoy more.

They also share others that they have read like Sun Tzu Art of War, etc so far but the story of this miracle man was really touching. There was this particular man who was really successful but his life turns up side down after his plane crashed into an accident. His body was badly damaged and he needs machines to support his life. He can’t move, talk nor do his normal daily stuff. However, he wants to be normal again. He thinks that if he can take 1 step, then he can take 1000 steps. He also started to learn using cards with a blink of an eye as his instructions on which subject he wants to learn. Besides that, he ensures that he breath as much as he could every minute so that his diaphragm works well so that he will be healthy again. He also wanted to talk so badly but he came to realize that he doesn’t just talk. He needs to move his lips, teeth, tongue, etc. At last, he managed to practice and say the entire words and the first thing that he does was to call his wife and say “I LOVE U, honey”. His wife was shocked but then delivers the good news to everyone. When he was fully recovered, he stated that many people fail because they don’t try. So, don’t be afraid of trying. XD~`


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