Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pasar Petang~

My housemate likes to cook. A lot! She brings me to this ‘Pasar’ or market in the evening. That’s why I called it Pasar Petang not Pasar Pagi, Pasar Tani or Pasar Malam. Ok, enough with the crapping. I guess I need to frequently use Malay language in writing as well to increase my usage of the language thus sharpening it up. Advance apology for the combination of both languages. Practice made perfect! XD~

During our walk through the Pasar Petang, I saw fresh seafood’s and even cow head! (Attached below are the pictures I’ve taken). I guess being an outsider makes me very ‘Jakun’ liked. Haha! No wonder Penang’ites LOVE eating. They can get all sorts of food here and their Pasar Malam is everyday although not in the same exact location. “Tidak... Ngaa... I have to control my eating habits.” Even they are very creative in inventing different types of ‘Tau Foo Fah’. It’s a desert made of soy beans. They sold it with variations and combination of colours like dark purple + light purple + white, white + yellow + orange, etc. I’m curious on how they make it look kind of strappy and nice but I just kept it in mind. We just bought fruits and foods then head back to the house.

Back at the house, she cooked ‘tumpat sotong’ for us. (Honestly, if I’m not mistaken it is spell like that, or is it ‘tupat sotong’ or ‘ketupat sotong’?? (+_+)~`). This ‘sotong’ has pulut inside and is eaten with pink coloured gravy. It’s my first time trying and why does I have to be so ‘Jakun’ liked. Haih2. She just laugh watching me and said that she must bring me back to her hometown at Terengganu then we can go watch ‘Penyu’. Yeayy~` Thanks! Na mesti suka sebab saya boleh makan budu, nasi kerabu dan juga tempoyak. o/ ~

The 'sotong'. Hik hik~`

P/s: The first Hard Rock Hotel in Malaysia is currently opened in Batu Ferringhi, Penang. =P~


Charlz said...

hana bila nk blaja masak plak? :P

Hannah said...

hahah.. will do during my free time.. =P~

syaima' said...

i luv makan ketupat sotong`~~ ngaa. da lama x makan makanan neh~~ n hannah. bila plak u nk belaja masak ni? best nye ada housemate yg rajin masak`~

Hannah said...

owhh.. name btol dier ketupat sotong.. haha.. arituhh i tolong potong2 halia.. bawang je.. tgk dier masukkan pulut kt dlm sotong sumer.. menarik gaklaa.. cdap kan syai.. ty nk try blaja..


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