Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The public olidae~`

Last monday was Penang’s public holiday. Those working with private sectors mostly gets 3 days holidays inclusive of Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Kasihan government servant tak cuti on Monday. The weekend was fun. A colleague of mine brought me to the skincare and makeup class on Saturday and sadly, I did not take any pictures. Iskk2... It did not cross my mind at all until Izza pointed it out. Hohoh, papparazi yg bagus..

On Sunday, me and diana went out to eat nasi kandar with IT/IS Jan04 batch. They went for their friends wedding and saye menyebokk makan nasi kandar sahaje. Kasihan diyana kene ik0t. XD~ We went to Line Clear Georgetown to eat nasi kandar. It was my first time eating nasi kandar. Sangat byk orang beratur just to eat these nasi kandar. Kagum juge melihat org ramai2. Local n tourist ader jugak. Huhuh~ I guess nasi kandar is very famous in Penang. Not a fan of nasi kandar though. Uhuks~` Then, we went to eat sate ikan and play games in the evening and ate oblong (it’s a big burger but the meat is different from Ramlee burger) during dinner. I guess my housemate nehh sukeww btol maen game. She has a collection of many games. =P~

The queue~

My harta and properties in Saidina. I won and become rich for a short while... hehe


Queensbay Mall

Abang jual sate ikan ituhh…

Kites or layang-layang

Then, lut came to visit me and Nazmi (his friend staying in Penang also) on Monday. Sukeww cuti... Hehe. Plus, baru tahu at Bukit Jambul we can get a lot of CDs/DVDs of series and movies. Ohoh, sangat rambang mate melihat. X sbr nk tunggu gossip girl season 3 to come out! We went to Bukit Jambul, Queensbay mall and Bukit Bendera or Penang Hill. Ader Taman Burung at Bukit Bendera bule x?? Oke. Enough being jakun. Some birds are friendly while ader jugakk yang garang. It was fun. XD~

Friendly birdies... =P~

Sudah juge plan to report duty. Hopefully, all Muggles can be there except for Izza. Nak jumpe mereka juger.. uhuh~ Ngaa, I had to think on what to wear during graduation day also. Ramai sudah membeli baju juger~ Sgt psycho… (+_+)~~ X sukeww gmbr lame di prism student portal jugerr... tsst2...

P/s: Had a laugh watching Kong’s graduation prank. Sgt tdk sabar menunggu our graduation day... XD~


Charlz said...

hanna ni langsung x mcm tgh keje.. mcm tgh olidae kat penang ade la XD hahaha

Hannah said...

haha.. wiken maa.. monday hols! Of cos go jln2.. XD~ besh2, u will start Aug.. update2 where u stay in KL n how is the working environment..

kEyrOL~ said...

gile la que nasi kandar tuh~

luffy said...

Hannah....ble nk jln2 tempat len lak?????????hahahaha.....best2 jln2 (jakun)

hehe......lut dh mkn itu OBLONG.....sgt sedap.....lgi sedap dri prosperity~~

Hannah said...

keyrol: yerp2.. sgt pjg ituhh queue.. org penang, tourist byk mkn kt c2.. pelik cmne leh famous.. hahaH~ bule x?

lut: ohoh.. besh2.. OBLONG ituhh sgt bsr! n cdap.. =P~


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