Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Weekends and picking up my sis!

It has been a nice weekend. I did went out with my Mila and the rest on last Saturday then goes back to my grandma house and to KL and back in Penang. We went out, played badminton, then abes sengal-sengal badan because of rare exercise activity. Haih2. Plus, my grandma asked me to pick up fruits from her. Yayy, love my grandma. My parents were also there. After spending some time with my grandparents, we went back to KL. The next day we pick my second sis from the KLIA airport. She’s going to spend her holiday here for one month. Yayy, again! XD~

My sis brought back souvenirs but the most important thing is we get to see each other after two years! Woahhh, that is really long. She's been spending her previous summer holidays jalan2 di sane. We are definitely going for her convocation day in May 2011. I guess when she came back she’s a bit “jakun”. Haha. She commented on many things here. I get to play around with hers’ and my dad’s new iPhone 3G. I’m not that tech-savvy or anything but I do love iPhone features. My dad is pretty much interested in all these gadgets. I had played Charlz’s iPhone before, so it’s alright. Hehe

My grandparents house in Penang. Classic, unique and spacious. =P~

My sister and I @KLIA~

The iPhones. Pink for the ladies. Black and silver for the guys. XD~


Charlz said...

waaa... ur dad n sis got iPhone too!! XD kekeke

i wna buy a new one.. iPhone 3Gs!! p(>.<)q huhuhu.. im sure ur dad wud drool over 3Gs's new features since he's a gadget lover too XP

Hannah said...

yerp2.. he's act learning on how to use it.. haha.. my sis giving him tutorial.. u can upgrade ur iPhone maa, sell n buy new once u dh keje with petronas ..=P~


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