Thursday, July 2, 2009

Nasi Ayam Budu~

Ok! As the name goes, it’s nasi ayam budu. It is served with white rice, chicken, plain soup, budu or sambal belacan. It’s my first time tasting this particular food. It’s nice. Mila, my housemate did say, “Hang nehh bawak makan mane2 pown sedap”. Haha. I can only smile. I guess now I can live in Kelantan or Terengganu. I was also wondering whether my best friend, Syaima eats budu or not. Hurmm... her parents are Kelantanese. On top of that, Mila bought me the ‘Sate Ikan’ I’ve always wanted to try. Dengan sedihnye, I’ve never eaten ‘Sate Ikan’ before. Dier beli depan Queensbay Mall. Sedap. Selalu I pegi mesti sate ikan tuhh x jual or simply because Majlis Perbandaran is there, so that sate ikan guy could not bakar the sate. Iskk2, usually when I tade, dier ader pulak, huhuh... I guess mostly I write about foods nowadays. Mila said that there’s plenty more of places that she wanted to bring me. That’s very nice of her. I’m just grateful as to stay with her. *Wink*.

The Nasi Ayam Budu~

In addition, Matta Fair Penang 2009 is just around the corner. Here are the details:-

MATTA Fair Penang 2009
3 July 2009 until 5 July 2009
Organizer: MATTA Penang Chapter
Venue: Penang International Sports Arena (PISA), Relau


syaima' said...

i x makan budu la hannah. dunno y. so don ask y ekh. ehe. tp i taw serve la. since my whole family makan budu. :) nnt i dtg penang.bawak i makan2 ekh?

AlexAlabasta said...

You oughta bring me too~! Haha~

Hannah said...

Haha.. i taw a few places yg serve good foods. Mari2 kamo berdua.. ty bwk jln2 + mkn2..


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