Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The day my sis visited Penang and some food I’ve tasted!

Ok. Cekodok durian is a weird name for me. Plus, I did try out dodol from Terengganu yang dibungkus dgn daun pandan k0t. Huhuh~ The taste wasn’t so bad. It was nice actually. First time merase... tQ housemate. hehe... Sukeww jln2 cari makan but when I weighted my weight then baru start nak cuak. XD~

The cekodok durian and dodol~

My second sis visited Penang on my short work week weekends. Goshh, I L.O.V.E short work week. Hahah~ We went here and there and to my grandma house. My grandma (Plus, grandma give us a lot of fruits! Hehe, oke, its fruit season here, that’s why laa... huhuH~) was very happy to see her as it’s has been two years that she has not came back to Malaysia. My mom bule suhh dier stay saner lagikk and ask her to go jalan2. Haih2. I had planned to go to her graduation day in 2011. Lama lagikk so will saving2 money to pay for flight tickets. Hik hik~ Studying in US is nice, I guess. You get to visit local attractions which comprises of many big states to explore as well as end up in Canada holidaying. Ohoh~ But it’s very far. T_T~ Coming back to my sis, below are her conversation with the ikan bakar man that my bro and I find very amusing (I can’t really remember the exact words but it sounded like below.. coversation yg mcm sedikit cacat.. =P~):-

Location: Hammer Bay Ikan Bakar~

Ikan bakar man: Air?

My sis: Teh ais tambah susu.

Ikan bakar man: *silent*. Huh??

Me and my bro: *sengaje diam*...

My sis: *OK. She taught that she needs to explain further while ordering*. Saye nak teh dengan ais and yang ade susu tuhh.
Ikan bakar man: Oh, teh ais laa.

My sis: If yang ade gula tuhh ape?
Ikan bakar man: Itu teh ‘o’ ais.Kalau susu, teh ais. *tabahnye abg nehh melyn customer.clap2* =P~
My sis: Nak tambah air ais kosong jugakk~. Nak yang dua2. Ais dengan air.
Ikan bakar man: *blur2*. Ais kosong?
Me: Haah, ais kosong. TQ~ *My bro and I have our cheeky smile put on. Pasnehh confirm my sis kene. LOL* Then we ordered a few things and abg amek order pown chow pulakk~ (mls maw cite pjg2... ehee).

I guess I need to teach her to order the correct drink with proper term used here in Malaysia. Ader jugakk org mcm nehh! Hahah~ In the US ais kosong is ‘water with ais’ and air suam is just ‘water’. There’s no ‘the ais’ while they have jasmine tea, all those herbal teas, etc. Yayy, luckily I get to catch up and exchange stories with my bro n sis (mcm byk sgt jerk... hohoh~). I get to know that my bro has a new gf from Bukit Mertajam. My mom hanye mampu gelak2 je. Goshh, I wanna see who she is tapi x sempat (maw sebok2 juger.. ;P). Iskk lagikk~. On Monday night, me, my housemate and her siblings went again to eat ikan bakar and send Diana to the bus station. Huu, Diana went back to Terengganu already as she had to finish her study for one more year there. Aiyaa, kurang seorang to hangout2... wuwuwu... I’ve also planned to visit my friends who are taking up masters in UTP and also maw pegi pesta penang in December~. Semester baru UTP sudah bermula~ Bule jln2 dgn mereka juge during weekends. Hehe.. can’t wait! XD~

While sending Diana at the bus station plus a pic of a cat yg nakal di tempat ikan bakar.



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