Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Penang and the company`

It has been my one month working with this company I’m currently working for. In my department, there are two sections which are procurement and material planning. I’m tied to the procurement site which makes me a buyer. Memang kenelaa jugak since I’m a shopaholic! Ngaa.. My team mates mostly are a bit older but I would say they are still young at heart. Some even got a master in the supply chain field. I’m wanted to pursue master too, but not now, I guess. Monday or Tuesday will always be the busiest day for them. (+_+)~~

Here at the company, we need to wear shoe cover or the special shoe to walk inside the building. We also need to show our bags or car boot when leaving for inspection purposes. I guess, to prevent stealing of microchips and stuff. Sudah juge curik-curik masuk the lab and it was nice. =P~ The facilities here were also alright. Got gym, badminton court, green space (that’s what I called the “laman’ actually) to sit around, library, etc. Selalu juge menghabiskan air di pantry mereka. Uhuks~ Plus, the café inside provides meals during breakfast, morning break, lunch and tea break with meal subsidy. Makin tembam laa.. Nguu`

The shoe, shoe cover and my original shoe~

Ain playing at what I called as 'game station'. Tempat pali n kong slalu maen juger. =P~

In addition, when I went back home in Penang, there’s always kids staying at the same place as me waving me “bye2” in the lift. It was nice seeing them as cute as they are. Ke because I look young? Sebab tuhh diorg babai?? Haha. If I were to stand besides most of my younger sis n bros, people would assume that I’m their younger sister. Whut da heckk? I would say it’s not because I am short nor small. It’s the looks. Urghh.. hehe… Nevertheless, those kids usually make my day happier. LOL~`

There was also this one incident happen during the first few weeks when I moved in into the condominium. I could not open the main door, so I was stuck outside the house for awhile. In my mind, I was cursing myself for not being able to open the ^&^&%* door. Why does it have to be Italian door? Usually my housemate would be back earlier before me so she would open it for me. Truthfully, I turn the key out wrongly and make it very tight to open the door. On the phone, my housemate dah gelak-gelak and ask me to wait as she’s coming back to save me. Hadoilaa, cian pulak at her, huhuh... Sgt sudah terduduk macam kerang busuk di luar pintu. Luckily, my neighbour was back and asks me what’s wrong. I told her I did not manage to open the door. She tried it a few times then it opened and I was saved! Hehe... that was very kind of her. Her kids were also very cute. Kawaii~` Her husband is an expat staying here in Malaysia. She’s from one of the Arab countries but I’m not sure exactly from which specific country. Nevertheless, I was very thankful to her that day.


izza` said...

hannah~`! setiap hari hari mu bagai ade2 jek~ menareknye~~~`! XD

Charlz said...

tula!~ LOL very very interesting X) hihihi AMD mcm besh je ni.. kiki

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

ya lor.. AMD sounds fun.. hehe.. I think you bring the fun everywhere la.. haha.. :D

Hannah said...

huhuh~ yerp2.. beshh.. the environment here okelaa.. still, wishing all of us can keje @klcc jugak~.. hehe, then can jadikk camwhore kt sane.. hahaha


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