Sunday, June 28, 2009


It was raining when my flight landed in Penang International Airport. Currently, it always rains here in Penang Island. Despite the H1N1 virus outbreak, I can see that many people still go here and there travelling. I guess after this, I will only be taking airplanes to go back to my hometown as the fares is not that expensive. Therefore, I’m going to fetch my second sis from the airport on the 6th of July. Can’t wait for her to come to Penang. Wanna invite her to go to Phuket or Koh Samui. XD~`

Back to the belangkas story! Sorry for the detour about my arrival back to Penang. I did find belangkas (it’s in Malay word) or so called horseshoe crab in English fascinating. “Jakun” actually. Hahah~` It was my first time seeing one and it’s ready to be eaten. This one person (sorry, I’m not sure what to address this person.. huhuH~) at the ikan bakar stall told me that their eggs are delicious. I just kept my curious thoughts on belangkas silence. Here are the pictures. It moves very fast. Ehee~

The cute female 'belangkas'~


izza` said...

worgh! hannah! kagumnye! aaa takot!!! X(

Hannah said...

yerp.. sgt kagom juge mule2.. Belangkas inihh sgt besar.. tataw caner org cni mkn mende alah inihh.. iskk2..

syaima' said...

ew. u leh kata belangkas ini cute? n u makan ke?

Hannah said...

haha.. erkss, x mkn laa.. sbb derang xnk.. org kate telur belangkas tuhh yg sedap.. tataw laa.. bule bakar n msk laen.. mmg jakun laa i mase tuhh.. u nk try ke syai? hehe


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