Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Farewell

Farewell is hard at times. I’ve gone through a few farewells before at the airport to the small ones in a simple restaurant. Just recently I did send off a friend of mine at the KLIA airport. He was rushing. The atmosphere was also just plain sad. It was the first time I’ve seen the sentimental sides of him actually. I can also see the looks of his parents, aunt and uncle, his younger brother, Nina, Aiman and Mel. They were sad. I did know how they feel; it’s just that I can still put up a smile. We were there watching him walks through the international departure section. It was also so sweet that they had this photo album with them that they wanted to give him. It was titled as ‘Kami’. It occurred to me that I do miss Muggles. A lot actually! I guess farewells are simply not my forte. I’m just plain sad but I did not shed tears at the airport simply because I do not want him to feel sadder I guess. My diamonds did fall a bit on my way back home and at home. I guess I’m just used to losing someone. Still, I’m happy for him because he did get what he wants. Luckily, Gmie (izza’s bf ... =P) was also there and he was the neutral type. Even my sister and friends who were studying and staying abroad did come back to Malaysia once in a while, so I’m just guessing, till we meet again. XD~

P/s: I would like to give credits to Kong and his gf for sending me over to the airport. And to Gmie and Mel for sending back home. Thanks. If I had more time I would want to customize my blog accordingly. Need to find time. XP~

A picture of us. =P~`



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