Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Penang housemate birthday~

25/06/2009 -That was when we celebrated Mila’s birthday. Happy Birthday Mila! LOL~` She was my housemate when I moved in to Penang for awhile. She was nice, fun to be with and also bubbly. I’m lucky to have her as housemate. We did celebrate her birthday at our house, go for bowling and makan2. It was nice. I love celebrating birthday. Her sister was also so sweet that she comes out with her own made birthday card. She did receive a few presents, foods, puddings and a big square cake. We wanted to watch Transformers but the whole 3 cinemas in Queensbay mall were fully occupied. Even the cinemas in Seberang (outside Penang Island) were full. T_T... I guess I will just have to watch a bit late! Urghh.. I really3 wanna watch it so badly! Huu..

In addition, in Penang there are a lot of Ikan Bakar stalls / restaurants (whatever similar to it... =P). They bring me to a few and all satisfy my taste! hahaH~ There's just many nice eating place to explore. My housemate is definitely a ‘Foodies’. My recommended list of place to eat ikan bakar in Penang:-

  • Pen Mutiara (near Teluk Tempoyak)

  • Hammer Bay (near Queensbay)

  • Nurul Ikan Bakar (at Bayan Lepas)



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