Thursday, October 22, 2009

Eclipse Book Review

Victoria who has a grudge on Edward and wanted to get rid of Bella created an army of newborn vampire in order to fulfill her revenge. In order to protect Bella, the Cullens family having to know this has team up with the werewolves in order to fight Victoria and the newborn vampire army. Edward managed to kill Victoria and none of the Cullens were killed in the fight. Unfortunately, Jacob was badly injured in order to save Leah, the new werewolf. The Volturi (a group of noble and powerful vampires) came in the last minute after the fight finishes. While the fight was on, Bella suddenly knew that she loved both Edward and Jacob at the same time. When Edward left, Jacob was the one who cheer her up and treat her broken heart, I guess. So, it’s fair for Bella to have feelings for Jacob too but she chooses to be with Edward. Edward was as sweet as ever as described by the author, Stephenie Meyer. Bella decided to marry Edward before she is going to be transformed as a vampire. And the book continues to the last one titled ‘Breaking Dawn’. It was fun reading it. XD~`



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