Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tarbush Restaurant

Tarbush Restaurant is located besides The Ship restaurant at Batu Ferringhi. They sold Arabic foods and famous for their kebab. I would recommend people to try their lamb kebab as Briyani you can get it easily. Their lamb kebab was superb. LOL~ The view inside the restaurant and the hospitality was nice. The tax and service charged was expensive though. Huu~ Liked their bread but the bread sauce doesn’t really suit my taste. The sauce has this peanut-liked taste that maybe other people would find it as good. Their portion of servings per meal is a lot. Better share as the waiter also advices us to share our meal. =P~`

Their huge restaurant sign, the foods and the menu~


Taufik_Kepet said...

nice giler..
besnyer mknn..

Hannah said...

yep2, bule laa, sane byk tmpt mkn.. hoho.. price dier pown nice gaks.. T_T~


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