Saturday, October 3, 2009

Raye ‘09

My Raya Celebration this year was pretty much very simple. Meet up with my cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles but all from Pahang. Will have to spare a weekend to “beraye” at my Penang grandparent’s house (Most likely this weekend... XD~) Did manage to “beraye” at my UTPians friends house around KL area (coming all da way from Penang k!) but didn’t managed to visit my Subang friends. Haih~` I rarely go back to my dad’s village in Pahang, so it was really nice to meet up my relatives there. Food was definitely awesome, as usual. When I got back from Raya break, my workload suddenly increases. I was like a crazy person as there was so much to do. My comp was full with global timing from different2 countries and there were countless PR lines to process, need to support global purchases. Taxes can be confusing at times but I’ll manage. I should apply for extra leave next time. Haha!

On 1st day of raya~

My cute newborn cousins~`

Did not able to attend Era’s wedding, my mom’s company open house, ct’s and mai’s open house this weekend (Huhuh, sorry). Spend my weekend at my grandma’s house as did not manage to see her raya time. Loved her ketupat, gulai daging and definitely her kuih 'sepit' (I think that’s what they called it. It’s nice. My housemate loved it!) I guess, just see the pics. Hehe~` I had fun raya time. Thanks.

At Ain Nabilah's house~`

The lovely foods prepared~`


Sarsir said...

kampung at pahang?
which side of pahang?

Hannah said...

jerantut.. :)


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