Monday, October 5, 2009

Elmondo Pizza~`

Went to Elmondo Pizza as Mila treated us (me and Tengku) makan2 as she wins her company’s singing competition. Lucky! Ehee~` The food was not bad, view was definitely nice inside the restaurant and they played Spanish songs inside in which I don’t really understand but I better keep it to myself. =P~

It’s alright to eat here once in a blue moon or during reunions. This is my own humble opinion as I think I would prefer Uno Pizza, Shakeys, or Dominos aside from Pizza Hut. The lasagne and pizza at Elmondo’s was tasty, full with cheese but salmons are much better from Manhattan Fish Market for me. Huhuh~` All in all, would like to thank Mila for bringing me there. Thanks~~

Ol skool Frost Classic Root Beer, lasagne, salmon dish and pepperoni pizza~


Taufik_Kepet said...

nmpk macm bes jerk...

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