Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sorority Row Movie Review~`

My first thought when watching the movie trailer. Nothing k0t! Ahaha... I was dead wrong! It was kinda scary for me (the killing part mostly). This movie is about sisters who have bonded for so long until one day they decided to pull off a prank. The prank became nightmare when one of them was killed accidentally. They had to make unbelievable decision in which to buried one of their sister’s body into a well and they had kept this secret until graduation time. During graduation, revenge falls in when the sisters were killed one by one. Decided not to be a good spoiler. Can’t guess that the killer was that person and the reason that person killed those involved in the murder was totally unacceptable for me. The killer was pretty mean. Killing everybody who knows the secret. Uhuh~ The movie was really nice for me. Suspense was all over the place. Have fun watching the trailer. XD~`

A prank! No one will ever forget.

A secret! No one would ever tell.

p/s: Had nightmare after watching phobia2 trailer in cinema. T_T~`



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