Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Friday o/~

I have always loved Friday. After Friday it’s going to be weekends and I can stay up very late at night. Ahaha~` Last Friday was fun. During lunch, my colleague treats me to mee sotong, mee rebus and cendol at Seagate. It was really nice but obviously cannot beat mee sotong in Padang Kota. Had to help with PCE (it’s a dept name... XD~) works and they also treated me to Ikan Bakar makan2 during dinner time. Lucky. Ehee~ After I had dinner with PCE (these people are very havoc I tell u, so it's kinda fun.. =P~), Wanda invited me to her house. Her house was nice and had a chit chat with her and her mom. Altough I’m so full, Wanda still serves orange juice and cookies. I'm so grateful. Thanks~ Was so tired during weekdays so going to rest up this weekend and hangout with friends who are coming over to Penang this week! Ngehee~` Deepavali will be next week. If I’m crazy enough I might spend my Deepavali hols both in KL and UTP. Ngaa~ haven’t made up my mind yet. Huu~

Mee sotong, Mee Rebus and Cendol~

Dinner time~

Wanda's treat. Arigatou ne~


kEyrOL~ said...

cendol itu mcm sedap!!~

Hannah said...

cdap~` x manis sgt.. tp x abes mkn sbb byk sgt.. huhuh~


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